Saddest Pokemon?


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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
Despite all the adorable and bad ass Pokemon out there, the games are full of some seriously depressing stuff. What Pokemon do you think have it the worst?

Here's our thoughts in the latest video:

Apologies in advance for any feels or tears :p
I didn't watch whole video, but I can already say what is the saddest pokemon. Cubone cries constantly due to the death of its mother let alone isn't the skull suppose to be of its mother?
I thinks she's right. Cubone has the saddest story in the world of Pokemon. However, I think Magikarp is the saddest Pokemon. reasons. :D
Agreed, Cubone is this whole other level of sadness. For such a sad topic I gotta say that I really enjoyed the video and all the effort put into editing turned out great. I will def be sure to check out more from your channel.
Oh man, there are so many sad Pokemon that it's hard to choose who can be the saddest. I agree with everyone that Cubone has the saddest story in comparison to all other Pokemon stories. I mean... To wear the skull of your mother, I don't think it can get any more morbid or sadder than that. BUT, if I had to choose another Pokemon that's not the obvious Cubone, it would probably be Psyduck. The amount of headaches that he does acquire at a time is phenomenal and must hurt like crazy! (I mean, people can literally die from headaches!) And you can tell that these headaches are terrible because there are times where the poor Pokemon can't focus in battle and just gives up!

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