Samus and Distraction

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Do you guys think that the sexy image of Samus can sometimes be a distraction? I like the fact she is a strong willed protagonist, who can do a "man's" job. The thing is, did they really have to beautify her? Just a curious thought I had the other day. What do you guys think?
I don't get the issue. It's not any worse then Commander Shepherd's outfit or all the fighting games with half naked creatures or Lollipop Chainsaw or a thousand other examples. I guess it just isn't a factor for me because metroids...
You're not going to say Metroids are hot are you? Hahahahah. I think it's not really a big issue either, but I just wonder about putting effort into different aspects of the game.
Metroids are so flipping hot dude... seriously though dying beats T&A any day. So yeah, I am generally a lot more concern with not being murdered versus digitals curves or whatever.
Point well taken. I don't notice anything on the female characters while I'm dodging bullets meant to split my cyber skull!
Yea, not sure Metroid is a great example of sexual distraction in a video game. Especially when you have soooo many other unabashed examples. Perhaps...

Too rich for my blood. :p
Uhhhh, I didn't even know Samus was a girl in Super Metroid until many years later. I don't see how she's that distracting unless youre playing the games where she wears her zero suit. Now Miss Pacman on the other hand..she's my perfect woman.
I don't see the problem really. Would you rather she be an ugly, overweight character, and ponder even more about how she manages to fit herself inside of the morph ball?

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