Scratching sound (and feel) while inserting a cartridge in the slot (New 3DS)


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When I insert a game cartridge into my New Nintendo 3DS, it makes a scratchig sound ... and it also feels 'scratchy', as if something within the slot scratches the surface of the cartridge. There is also a 'scratchy' resistence until the cartridge fits in entirely.

I made a video about it to watch:

Even worse, after some inserting and ejecting ... you can see the traces of this on the cartridge like shown in the following pictures:

Is this normal? Is this a malfunction?

Oddly enough, I do have a second New 3DS ... and it's the same. My nephew has a Nintendo 2DS ... and it scratches as well. So I assume it's the way it's supposed to be ....!?

But it hurts the cartridges ...!

What are your experiences? Do you also have this scratching sound while inserting the cartridge? Do your cartridges do also get scratched after a while ...?

Is there something that can be done about it?

This really itches me.