Sega fans and their fixation on a new Sega console

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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This is one of those discussions that never seems to end. Many hardcore Sega fans and other game enthusiasts feel that Sega should return with a brand new console. Frankly, I don't believe that's even possible considering the state the company finds itself in nowadays. Similarly to Konami, Sega are also moving out of AAA development and focusing on mobile games.

It's true that Sega released some excellent consoles, particularly the Genesis and Dreamcast. I would even add the Master System and Saturn in there, even with their limited popularity. However, the company was badly managed and has become a shell of it's former self.

Many fans would like to set up a Kickstarter and bring back Tom Kalinske to head the release of a new Sega console. Personally, I don't think this is a possibility either. Tom Kalinske did amazing things for Sega but he has since moved onto to other things. I also don't think they'll ever raise enough money to launch a console that could compete in today's landscape. Just the cost of R&D would be insane and far beyond the realm of online backers.

What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?
I would like another console and Sega would be an awesome contender. However, I too know this isn't going to happen. I do imagine if Sega came back they would be more on par with the Xbox and PlayStation rather than the Wii U. However, what IPs would they even have if they did make a come back? Shenmue is gone, and could they even get Sonic back as an exclusive? Not that it would mean anything if they can't make a decent game. I love me some Crazy Taxi, so there's that. Also many of their forgotten franchsies such as Jet Grind Radio and Ecco the Dolphin.
Like many Japanese game companies, Sega have lost some of their most talented people. As one example, Yuji Naka left long ago and started his own development studio called Prope. I don't think Sega is capable of releasing games of the level of quality they did back in those halcyon days. Let alone release a new console with compelling exclusives developed by themselves.
To be honest, my personal favorite era of Sega games was the Dreamcast era. The Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, and Shenmue games are my favorite games ever produced by Sega.
I agree with every word you just said. The only thing is... you forgot the game gear. That was my favorite and only sega console I ever had. It was awesome! It had a ton of sonic games, streets of rage, the lion king, battletoads, pac-man, and of course Double Dragon. It was a just a great console, but am I the only one who thinks this?
Crazy Taxi is also on Xbox 360/PS3. It might be on Steam, I don't know.
Also Crazy Taxi is on the Nintendo GameCube.

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