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Apr 9, 2014
I have been using my Wii U a lot more then I have been using my Wii and I am thinking about selling the Wii. It is not something that I want to do but I just think that it would be good to get some extra money. I was also thinking to myself that maybe I should just sell the games that I have for the console and just leave it at that and get some new games?

Do you guys think that I should sell or just keep it? Have you guys sold your Wii since you have gotten the new console or have you just kept it and play it sometimes?
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Don't sell it. You'll never know when you'll want to relive memories or replay awesome games like Skyward sword or Mario Galaxy. A lot of people think it will become the next NES for collectors, so enjoy it for a while more, and thne in 10-15 years sell it as a vintage item. I have a lot of amazing memories with the Wii, and I won't be selling mine anytime soon. Sell any games you don't play or want, and then buy newer games for Wii U, Pc, whatever. Keep the ones you have nostalgia for, since even I get nostalgia sickness and go to play Ocarina of time again.
Personally, I think you should keep the Wii for nostalgic reasons. People who always sell their old consoles regret it. You can never go back to your classics and when you decide to buy the Wii (or any console that you've sold) it's at a higher price because it would be considered 'retro'. So, really, keep your consoles and your games for you never know when you will ever go back. And trust me, my family goes back to the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 quite often for the nostalgic playing of Mario 64, Super Mario World, Zelda and more!
I would only sell my fun machine if I was truly hurting for cash. The sentimental value she has is too much, some of my best gaming memories have been on the wii. From mario party to mario galaxy I have had my fair share of fun playing with it.
I think it's a good idea but I will still keep it. I love my consoles and would have a hard time getting rid of it. I also still got my Gamecube also I got a Wii.
I could never sell off my consoles, no matter their use or monetary value (even doubled or tripled) the memories I made on those consoles are my defining characteristics. Some people write essays, go on journeys, back pack through Europe, whatever. I played Games. I'm not afraid to admit it. I can't sell my nostalgia, my memories of a younger time. Not especially when I feel that would be doing an injustice to the game creators.
Now that you guys put it that way I do not think that I will sell it I just think that I will keep it because I really think that it was one of the best consoles of its time.
Keep it. There's also plenty of good games. Cheap now, too since the WII U and there's also plenty of emulators that run on the WII and hacked/modded channels with easy save files. It's really fun to mod if you no longer care about it. I can't recommend that however, because it voids warranty. But if warranty isn't an issue, try it.
I do not see myself selling my Wii any time soon. It is still fun to play every once in a while, and besides I won't get much cash for it. When relatives, or old friends are over is when I like to still keep it around.
Good, don't. It'll serve purposes when everything else fails. and when the internet finally dies and run on electric hydropower or generators you could still play!

Now that you guys put it that way I do not think that I will sell it I just think that I will keep it because I really think that it was one of the best consoles of its time.

Well, I mean, it really depends. Let's be honest if you cannot pay rent where are you going to enjoy your system? You're not. I say prioritize things & if you're in a place where selling your Wii U helps make ends meet than that's what you might have to do. Maybe when you're more fiscally comfortable you can pick one up again.
I think for now I will keep it and then maybe at some later time when I really don't have a purpose for it anymore then I will sell it to someone. Right now I am not even playing it as much as I used to since I have been spending more time with the WII U. I hope my WII doesn't get upset.
WII isn't upset, it just packed and left over jealousy. That's all! :rolleyes:

But yeah like Joan said, if it comes to rent and living, don't hesitate. I wouldn't. But if you can, try not too. You'll thank yourself later.
I mean I personally think that you should keep it. The reason being you don't know if 2 years or more from now if you will want to play it again. I don't know if you're the kind of person who is able to get back into games once you don't want to play them anymore. I am, and that's why I have always kept the systems that we have. I mean I wasn't able to part with the PS2 that I have, and I won't be able to until it's dead. I still sometimes take it out so that I can play a game on there.

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