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Well at least now maybe I will know what to look for when I do some browsing around here soon. I have been needing a new desktop (mostly for gaming) for some time now, and I am planning on looking soon. I always think that I put too much into what the salesmen say, though, so now maybe I will go in confident asking about 2.8GHz and see where that leads me. Wish me luck, and thanks for the help.
For gaming on a laptop, you basically have 3 really good options:

1. Get a i5-6200U or better with 8GB or more RAM and integrated graphics and enjoy really good lowend/midrange gaming for about $600-$700.

2. Get a i5-6200U or better with 8GB or more RAM and Geforce 940MX or similar graphics card and enjoy nice midrange gaming for $800-$850

3. Go all-out and get a nice laptop for $950-$1050+ to enjoy close to high-end gaming with all the graphics details.

I recommend finding a store you trust and asking the associate.

Edit: Oh, you said Desktop. I can't provide as much advice there. The Dell XPS desktop series seems pretty good if you can find one with a dedicated graphics card. A good XPS gaming desktop will probably cost $800- $1000.
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