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Jun 14, 2013
Does anyone else remember the totally amazing game Shaq Fu (total sarcasm, by the way)? Being a young kid, I was excited to be able to play as Shaq in all the different worlds. However, I quickly found that the story line was horrible, the controls where atrocious, and the graphics left a lot to be desired. And someone, having Shaq beat everyone up using martial arts. What a sad series of events...

Were there any other games that you were super-stoked to play but upon playing it, realized your disappointment?
Ug! I remember playing Shaq Fu. The time I wasted playing this game, I will never get back-man was it terrible. The game I was super-stoked to play, but was let down by, was the first Mortal Kombat. The SNES edited the blood and dumbed down the fatalies.
Has there ever been a Shaq-endorsed product that was actually good? :lol:
Everytime I think of Shaq Fu, I am, for some reason, always reminded of..

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City

That game was a sidescrolling "superhero" game, with Michael Jordan as the "superhero". Jordan ran around with a basketball, which he could throw an infinite amount at enemies to kill them. There are tons of basketball hoops in every level, and you can dunk on all of them to get items. Also, the different "power-up's" are different basketball. Some are "heat-seeking" missile type basketball. Also, Wheaties and Gatorade are your health pick ups. Instead of 'gold coins', you pick up gold or silver basketball coins. Just an wierd game all together.

However, I've never been tempted to play a Shaq game. I keep hearing terrible things about them. But the Jordan game was half decent. Weird, but half decent, for a sidescrolling platforming game.

However, whenever I think of basketball players in games or on tv, or stuff like that.. the Harlem Globetrotters. But then, I'm reminded of this internet skit from years ago, which was a parody of the Harlem Globetrotters, called the Kansas City World Skippers. It's old, but if you haven't seen it, check it out. It's short. There was another skit, but it wasn't as good.

But, back on Shaq, I'm always reminded of that Kevin Hart bit he did on one of his stand ups...

.. However, I may not have played the Shaq games, but hopefully they weren't as terrible as his movies. Well, Blue Chips wasn't so bad. Tho that was more of a Nick Nolte film than it was a Shaq film. Still..
I partially blame my skills, but I found the normal mode unplayable. I agree with everything you said, by the way.
Shaq Fu was a horrendous mess but I think that the GoldenEye remake for wii was very disapointing and really could have been amazing but activition decided that copying call of duty would be the only way to get the game to be popular and it was really heart-sinking feeling while playing that game, and I bought it on day 1! I'm a pretty hard person to disappoint although. It takes alot to make me not like a game.
I had forgotten that game. I only played once and totally ran away from it. One of the worst games I have ever played. Shaq must be one of the dullest characters ever.
rosacrux said:
One of the worst games I have ever played. Shaq must be one of the dullest characters people ever.
Fixed that for you
There are few games more deserving to a fate like that more than Shaq- Fu (other than Action 52, Cheetamen 2, Superman 62, and Big Rigs, or course).
Ha ha......I remember watching the youtube review on Cheetamen. The Angry Video Game nerd was pretty pissed off about that game. Upon seeing that review, I had no desire at all to ever play that game.
crunchyg said:
So there are at least a couple of people out there with too much time on their hands who have dedicated sites to destroying/saving all copies of Shaq Fu. - Our Mission
Save Shaq Fu
... How does that even work? Like at what point in your life do you go - "I will save Shaq Fu like it was the last endangered Black Rhino in existence." On the other hand who decides they must destroy all the copies of a particular game? Like what? I don't know whether to be sad or desperately amused.
I think amuzed is a more approriate word to use. Hahahaha; I can just imagine a crusade to destroy that filth they call a game.
Is "amuzed" a sort of amused amazement? Because if so that is really rather a fun word. Still is Shaq Fu really that bad in nature? I have to ask because I have played many a broken game in my lifetime.
Esperahol said:
Is "amuzed" a sort of amused amazement? Because if so that is really rather a fun word. Still is Shaq Fu really that bad in nature? I have to ask because I have played many a broken game in my lifetime.
Actually it's just a spelling error! :p I played it a few times, and was more than disappointed. The controls are sluggish; the characters boring, and I think I remember the music being God awful too.
Ah - broken controls are never any fun, but they can be dealt with if the characters/story is fun or interesting. I can't deal with bad music tho.... it's like a drill to my head and I just can't do it.
...back on topic. I, personally, love a lot of Batman games. I usually let those games get away with a lot more than I would other titles. However, Batman: Dark Tomorrow was bad and really disappointed me. Immensely. The controls are ridiculous and the camera really cements the craptastic nature. I was looking forward to that one and it still saddens me.
I only love the recent Batman games - Rocksteady's work (those guys are beautiful) and the Origins holdover from um... I forget the company right this minute, but they did fantastic in nature. That said there is nothing like a broken camera to just kill all enjoyment in a game, particularly if the controls were designed to not function... like at all.
I'm convienced that we should create an "ark" of all the most timeless literature that can be credited to the human race. Trillions and trillions of space credits should be put into this gargantuan undertaking. Nations will join together to add something to this ark dedicated to humanity. I believe that the walls of this ark should be lined with copies of Shaqfu, for as far as the eyes can see. Once the ark is completed it will be launched into outerspace so we can always be remembered and billions of years later aliens from another civilization will discover it and the first thing they will see is Shaqfu everywhere.

Shaqfu, Steel and Kazzam. The three pillairs of humanity.

I didn't care for the game myself, the demon guy you fight at the end was pretty hard for me. His stage was gnarly though, didn't it have weird looking insect creatures in the background?

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