Shigeru Miyamoto is not allowed to walk or ride a bicycle to work


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Aug 29, 2016

So I stumbled upon this site when looking up interesting facts about the creator of the Mario gaming franchise. According to the article, the staffs considered Shigeru Miyamoto's safety to be top priority and insisted that he came to work by car instead of walking or riding for fear of road accidents.

And to think that the Zelda series was not expected to be a hit at first, that's surprising.
That's pretty surprising. You'd think they'd let important people like Miyamoto do almost whatever he'd like, but then again I can understand why they want him to just ride by car. :) It's also surprising that they didn't think Zelda would be a hit at first. Thanks for the interesting fact, CeliVega, I didn't know that before.
Back when Star Trek The Next Generation was on the air Michael Dorn who played Worf was not allowed to fly and he was a pilot as well as an actor. I knew this stuff was common among actors but didn't think about it being a thing in game development.
Makes sense. Someone as valuable as him they wouldn't want having to take off work, and certainly not die.
I can see how riding a bicycle to work could be more dangerous than riding in a vehicle, but I can't imagine letting someone tell me not to do something. It would be incredibly difficult for me to go through life knowing that I simply can't ride a bicycle due to who I am. What I find crazier is that this is considered news, ha ha.

I don't understand why they won't allow him to walk to work every day. The man should have the right to at least get some exercise on the way to work if he feels the need. They could always set him up with several body guards or something similar.
I didn't know he used to smoke!

And yeah, that bike thing is a bit on the protective side here don't you think?
Well that is interesting, but I guess it shows you how important it is to keep those special people in any organization taken care of. I also was unaware that people were not thinking much of the Zelda franchise when it was first started, but I am so glad they were wrong because these are probably my favorite games. I hope that the guy stays safe, and it looks like he should be fine. Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.

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