Should I wait to buy the switch? Read before execution lol


Mar 9, 2017
New Jersey
I only ask because I've heard a lot of problems with the joy cons and battery etc. I'm not talking about waiting in the sense if a new model but I'm just hesitant to purchase a system I feel like possibly may have flaws from the box. Yes I am aware that's unavoidable. So I ask what are you're TRUE NO BULL SHIT experiances with the switch? Did you send it in for repairs or were you a lucky one? I've heard some people were just sent new switches to replace their old ones and their saves were not transferred. I'm under the assumption this system saves the info on the micro sd! Am I wrong??? I know there are a ton of these posts, I honestly didn't even want to post this but I'm just so damn torn on what to do. The fact that some of the sweetest games don't come out until after xmas is kind of lame too. Please be honest with your situations. Good or bad. I can't make purchases without getting some leg work done, also any tips that may help solve some common issues people are experiancing? Are they releasing software uipdates etc
buy it get a screen protector and i think the left joycon issue isnt as widespread as people think, i know a bunch (7 friends) who have the switch and have no issues, myself included havent had a issue with the joycons. As for the scratching since i put a screen protector on ive been fine.
You chould probably just wait. Probably by late summer/early fall you shouldn't have to worry about hardware issues, and there really isn't that much out for it yet. Only BIG game is Zelda, which is on wii u as well.

I have had minor issues with the joycon, but I'm hoping to get my hands on a pro controller soon. I might get a screen protector just as a precautionary measure, but I rarely take it out of the dock.
for $ reasons i will be waiting as well. Maybe till Christmas time. Im hoping for Mario Special Edition or some such and yes i will be getting BOTW for wii u. Let us know what you decide and how it turns out.
Reporting back. Got a pro controller, greatly prefer it to the joycons. Much better size for me, and feels better made honestly. The sticks on the joycon's didn't feel very tough to me, but the pro feels a lot better.
Hi MasterChu, I can confirm that there are two switch consoles in my house (both me and my daughter have one each) and neither of them have had any of the problems that I keep hearing people talk about on the internet. I can also confirm that out of the many of my friends in real life who own switches, plus nearly everyone at work that has one aswell, absolutely none of them seem to have had any of the issues either. So at first I was a little skeptical about all the rumors out there.

However, I did meet one person the other day that said he had a joycon sync issue. So that indicates that there must have been some degree of genuinely defective ones out there, so some of the internet claims might actually be genuine on that one. However, it's definitely by no means a problem that all of them have, as I meet more people with perfectly working ones than I ever have with any mention of defects. So I'd say that if it happens, it tends to be the exception, not the rule.

As for some of the other scary internet rumors out there, I have never met anyone in real life who had their switch melt, so that rumor I'm still not 100% convinced has any truth to it (at least until I ever see it with my own eyes from a real life person, which has never happened yet). But what I can say for sure though, is even if some people did genuinely receive bad batches that had any manufacturing defects, there are definitely a heck of alot of perfectly working ones out there. Mine definitely has no issues like this, and this is what I tend to find aswell whenever I speak to any real life person that has one. (and I know a hell of alot of people that own switches!) -They're real popular in my neck of the woods! So I'd say if you're worried about this, don't be.

Even if you happen to get unlucky, you'll still be under warranty within at least a year of buying one from most retailers (and even from Nintendo themselves), so the first thing I'd do if that ever happened to me is just get the store I bought it from to replace it for a good one. The trouble with internet rumors is that people that have problems will go round telling everyone, whereas all the many people who never had any problems in the first place never need to, so are completely invisible to the eye, even though there are many of us out there. So don't worry, things you read on the internet are often no way near as scary as it can often make things seem.

Of course, the irony of what I'm telling you is that you're talking to me on the internet, so for your own piece of mind, don't just trust me on blind faith either. Instead, seek out people in real life who actually own one, and ask around. That will always give you a much truer perception of what's really going on. ;)
I'm personally waiting. I'm hoping they will release a new and improved dock by Christmas this year, since that is probably when I'll get one... if not on my birthday in September.
I don't think that these little issues are very serious, does the warranty repair them?
Well, there are Switch's out there that have warped, due to always keeping it in the dock. I don't think it happens with every dock, but maybe the ones that are not perfectly aligned, which can also scratch your screen after putting it in and taking it out several times. I think the only issue Nintendo doesn't consider a defect are dead pixels. I'd honestly rather not deal with any of it, though. Especially a warped system... because that can't be repaired and they have to send you a totally new system. It's always better not to buy launch systems, if you can stand to wait a bit.
I haven't had any problems with mine, but waiting isn't a bad idea either.
Hey, I got two pairs of joycon's that had problems. One Controller was really annyoing, I could'nt play at one meter distance without having trouble.
But this desync problem can be solved very easily, you just have to put some esd-foam into the controller. Its not easy to open the joycon without the proper tools, but the esd foam got many people at home somewhere. I used a piece of a foam that came with a mainboard i bought earlier. So the JoyCon problem is the only thing that was really annyoing, but repair is easy so you dont have to send it to nintendo.