Should Link talk?

What's your point? Nintendo didn't make or publish those games, and they are not part of the Zelda series.
I don't have one said:
But it still counts even if they are ashamed.
Actually going by Guy Code the fact they're ashamed actually makes it count even more. Seriously though this is in the same vein as Bollywood Superman and Japanese Spiderman - not exactly legitimate.
There's nothing wrong with the silent protagonist archetype, even in today's day and age. Even if they do decide to so a large, open-world game, I would prefer they did it like the Bethesda games where everyone else can talk, but not you.

I don't care too much about the 'tradition' of not talking, but I do think it makes Link that much more of a blank slate that you can immerse yourself into the adventure with.
Coming from a girl... and the perspective of the fact that it seems Zelda is PRETTY high maintenance I am going to have to go with NO. I mean imagine the things he would say to this girl.. How many times has she been kidnapped? ;) No Link, you stay quiet.. you know what's good for business! haha
I'm for him talking. Look at what Navi did to him when she was the only one who could talk and not grunt:


I feel that if they were to let him talk, they should NOT over do it. He does have his history of being silent and just listening, so having him talk too much could definitely ruin his image and also potentialy turn some dedicated fans away from that particular game.

I did see where Netflix is supposed to be doing an Animated Zelda series? I have to wonder if Link will talk here?
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An animated Netflix show? That sounds intriguing and awesome. Have you see the fake college humor trailer for LoZ? It would be interesting to see something like this with added voice:

That looks pretty darn good for a college trailer. Call me crazy, corny, and silly--I think my Hubby could pull off the Link look better than anyone :D But we will keep that on the downside, and well within my own fantasies =^.^=

Hopefully whoever they pick for the Netflix series will fit the roles well. Faces, voices, and body language can really make a character.
We have already heard Link yell and shout onomatopoeia, but not actual dialogue--yet.

I honestly think that it's inevitable that one day purely textual dialogue will seem much too out-dated and The Legend of Zelda series will begin using voice over actors for all of its characters--including Link.

I only hope that they do a good job with said voice over acting and that we won't one day cringe at it like we do with certain other infamous cases of bad voice acting in video games (e.g. the original Resident Evil game to name but one example).
We have already heard Link yell and shout onomatopoeia, but not actual dialogue--yet.
Bwhahaha! Too funny.

You are so right though about the text dialogue eventually being outdated. But at the same time, I hope that when they do make this change to Zelda History they will not fail us. I am sure this has been a debated topic inside Nintendo for quite some time, so hopefully it will be epic.
I rather them just keep Link as a mute. Also I don't think they will ever add voice cause wasn't Link only the default name and really you were suppose to name him yourself? So they can say that Link's voice is the voice of the player using him.
The ability to name characters something other than the classic default name is true of several series, including most RPG series--Final Fantasy to name a particularly salient example. Regardless, those series eventually replaced their textual dialogue with voice over acting. However, I can grant you that The Legend of Zelda differs from those RPG series in that player stays with and controls only that single character for the entire game and moreover Miyamoto has stated that he is apprehensive about giving Link a voice.

That being said, regardless of Miyamoto's past statements: I honestly do believe that, with most other series incorporating voice acting that has gradually being improving along side graphics, there shall be a point at which textual dialogue will seem much too passée and outdated, especially to new, younger gamers, and Nintendo will eventually concede and incorporate voice acting into The Legend of Zelda series. They've already made concessions to that end by giving Link a voice sometime ago, albeit one that only shouts and yells when he falls etc and doesn't not yet voice words. (Although if one were to count animated series as well as games, Nintendo gave Link a voice that speaks fully even earlier.)

And if and when Nintendo reaches the point that they incorporate voice acting into The Legend of Zelda: I would imagine that they could easily make it optional, allowing the older fans to set the game so that the voice acting is replaced with text whilst allowing younger fans to enjoy the voice acting instead. (Within the game play itself at least. Cut scenes may be a bit more complicated.)
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He has been quiet in this many games up until this point, you might as well keep him quiet. It would be weird to give him a voice and I would personally see it as a gimmick.
At the same time, you cannot be scared to evolve your gaming franchise. You just can't keep it the same, doing the same old stuff, and just expect then name itself to carry you forward. They who stop change/fear change will never get to see what things can truly be made of. You need to twist and experiment, even if doesn't work.
I think that we're well past the point were using voice over acting for any video game character, including Link, would be seen as a "gimmick." Among other things, that term denotes a certain degree of novelty and voice over acting is fairly standard now. Indeed, I believe that having an actor give Link a voice relating dialogue within the games (important distinctions as his shouting, etc has already been voiced within the games and he has already been given a speaking voice in animated series and the upcoming live-action NetFlix series) is inevitable as a game not using voice acting as such will become increasingly rare and even outdated. In the long-run, adhering to the "no speaking voice for Link" principle may hurt the franchise and make seem outdated and resistant to evolving along with the medium as a whole.
Yes, I believe that Link should finally talk, and they should get Ving Rhames to do the voice work!
I think the newer games could have Link talking if; A. He sounds NOTHING like Navi :p and B. the voice actor who portrays Link is familr with all the games so he can be honest and true to Link. It might actually be nice to hear him speak, who knows others might like it as well.
Honestly, I think that even if we get a voice acted Zelda game, I don't think Link should ever talk. It's nice to sorta make up your own ideas on how Link would react to situations. Giving him dialouge would take a bit away from that imagination. Not saying that it would be bad, I just enjoy a mute hero I guess.
I like the idea of keeping Link a silent protagonist just because it's easier to put yourself in the roll of the hero and think of what you would say in response rather than have voice acting tell you exactly what Link is thinking and what he sounds like. In addition, I think it would be really difficult to find a voice that even the majority of Zelda fans would enjoy. I would be fine with voice acting for other characters but I like filling in the blanks for Link myself.
Silent protagonists aren't my favorite thing either, but I actually like it for Link. They've always done a great job, particularly in Skyward Sword, with letting his personality shine through without the use of dialogue. I won't be disappointed if they do give him a voice, but "silent" Link is a staple of the series now, and I enjoy attempting to discern his personality through actions and facial expressions. Nintendo really shines at giving him individuality without relying on his speech.

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