Should the red light flash with no games inserted in my NES?


Mar 16, 2013
I recently pulled out my old NES and I was wondering if the red light should be flashing with no game inserted. I'm still going through boxes to find my old double dragon game to place in it. Does anyone remember if it is suppose to or not?
Nope, it's not. You may need to clean out the system in hopes of correcting the issue (similar to how you blow into cartridges really....dust can loose pieces can cause problems).
If there is no game inserted into the NES console. Than the red light must be blinking. This tells the person that the system does not have a game cart inside. But if you put a NES cart inside and it blnks whne you turn it on. it means either your game cart needs to be cleaned, or you need to buy a 72 Pin connector for the NES. During the usage of the NES, the Pin connectors open up more. making them unable to read the game cart itself.

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