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Sep 8, 2014
If you don't mind, post pictures of your steam library here!
Tell us your buying escapades.

There are a variety of gamers on Steam, and each of them have their own buying preferences. Many love to throw their money at Gabe because if it's 75% off you must have it, even if it's still $50.
Others don't like spending money so they just play Free to play games while sometimes getting a game here and there.
Whatever the case, we can all agree that the people on steam differ greatly.
Here's my library:




It's okay, the games I do play I don't spend too long on.

Here are my actual stats in regards to the games:

I'm not sure which 7 it's referring to, or how it can even happen. None of my games were manually added.
My stats seem so pitiable to yours, I only have around twenty games in my entire library. Granted, I didn't spend a single dollar on games from Steam, but it still seems bad. :(

It's okay, the games I do play I don't spend too long on.

Here are my actual stats in regards to the games:

I'm not sure which 7 it's referring to, or how it can even happen. None of my games were manually added.

Some games are removed from Steam after initially being launched there, maybe that could be why seven of your games are not in store any longer?
I've got 34 games on Steam, most of which are free-to-play or off bundles and deals and a few were gifts from friends. I paid for a few of the really good ones I have like Garry's Mod, Rust, and Starbound but like those I don't really buy a game unless I really want it. If there's a game I don't play much, I rarely ever play it, if there's one I play often, it's one of the few I almost always play if I'm online.
The size of my library is very small. I think I only have about 7 or 8 games on there. I came into steam later than most steamers. However, once I found it, I was in love with it's sales. Stop me, I'm addicted now! <3333

P.S: Saints Row for the computer is THE BEST, hands down when it comes to controls and the like.

P.S.S: Here's what games I have:
Witcher 1
Witcher 2
Saints Row 2
Saints Row 4
Sims Medieval
Stanley Parable
Wow, some of you guys have some pretty impressive Steam libraries! I'm a little jealous honestly. I got into Steam a bit later and slower than others personally, but I have 30 on there right now.
Slower?! O_O You have more than me! I've only been on it for a year! I fear my library, however, is about to grow some more, though...
My Steam library is absolutely tiny, less than 10 games last time I checked. I don't buy all my games from there as I also use Indie Game Stand and to support my favorite indies. I'm also a predominantly console and retro gamer and prefer physical copies of my games. However, I do accept that digital downloads will dominate in the years to come and my Steam library will eventually fatten up.
I only have three games in my Steam Library: Plants vs. Zombie, which I'm periodically addicted to, Limbo, which my boyfriend suggested. I like it but I haven't made much progress yet. It's worth it just for how atmospheric the whole game is. Lastly is DC Universe Online. I'm still in the initial ship and have yet to finish the tutorial. I made an account so I could game with my boyfriend but I just haven't got into it yet. I guess I'm not much of a PC gamer!
I have around 120 games in my steam list. I've only played 20% of it. And I've played countless hours of mostly 5 of them: CS:GO, DotA 2, Street Fighter 4, Team Fortress and Terraria.

The single player games are fun and all, but nothing keeps me interested in a game more than when you have a competitive feel revolving it, or when you can enjoy it with your friends, or, in case of CS:GO and DotA 2, when you can do both at the same time. That's the main reason I gave up on consoles a few years ago, when I stopped buying games for PS3, the last console I ever bought.
I have about 30 games over two accounts. Nothing too impressive. FEAR, Rocket League, Guns of Icarus, Depth, Half-Life 2, various Sonics, etc.
I have 226 games in total (thanks Humble bundle). according to SteamGauge I've mostly played Portal 2, South park Stick of truth, Quantum Conundrum, then picked away at a few others.
Steam Calculator Says i have never played 171 games (74%) and spent between $700 and $3,000. I thought I paid less than $700... But tallying up the amount, games bought from Steam alone cost about $680, and I bought quite a few elsewhere and activated their keys on Steam.

I really need a proper gaming computer.
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My steam library is huge with games from 2012-2014, but then my PC died and I went laptop only and I haven't bought anything since :( I'll be investing pretty heavily once I have my Vive, but until then, I don't want to buy a PC if I have other expenses to cover.
Yeah.. I goofed. Funny thing is, is that I like have none of the games installed. My brother's GTA V takes up a lot of space, but won't allow me to unistall it (We need a better Video Card for him to even play it that well), and something else is taking up 100's of GBs which I can't see how.
SpaceSniffer can help track down those GBs. There is also a way to move games to an external drive.
Apparently I have 191 games, played for 3,390 hours, for a value of $3,248.3 at the highest or $614 at the lowest.
I haven't played 65 (34%) of my games yet, but I have played 43 for over 12 hours, 8 (9 very soon) of them for over 100 hours.
Interesting data!
9 games. Only played 3 to any decent amount. Gonna buy at least 2 more on the steam summer sale.

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