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Dec 31, 2013
Minnesota :)
I finally finished Bioshock Infinite on hard, and I decided what am I going to play on my 360 next? So I decided on Skyrim. I forgot how fun this game can be and I spent hours playing it after I started over.

Have the you put a lot of hours into skyrim? What kinds of characters did you create? Did you like the game?

Right now I am at the beginning so I am just doing some work for the Companions.
I tried Skyrim a few times, but I just couldn't get into it. That may seem strange to people the know me, because I love pen and paper RPGs. When it comes to electronic games though, I prefer a "story rpg", like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. I really need to play more Mass Effect too.
Yeah I hear what you are saying. Skyrim is a little intimidating too, I tried playing it once, but I quit. Now I am more just taking it one step at a time and I am really enjoying it so far.
Mass Effect is pretty good so I hear, my brother loves it!
Mass Effect has a really cool concept. I like the fact that how you play the game, and interact with others, effects the overall story. Perhaps the most innovative idea in the series, is allowing the way you played the first game to effect the sequel. The trilogy allows are truly unique experience to unfold through all the games.
I've put quite a few hours into Skyrim - I of course followed my habit of using a Dark Elf Wizard/Archer with a focus on stealth. I liked the huge amount of missions although I ended up running through them fairly quickly. That said I've enjoyed it alot. Much more so than Bioshock Infinite which I hate as a game, but enjoy as a thought experiment.
Yeah Bioshock Infinite.. don't get me started. That game should not have gotten the perfect scores in some reviews.. very biased in my opinion.

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