Skyward Sword, the pros and the cons [SPOILER]


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Jun 20, 2013
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.Ok, so I recently replayed Skyward Sword, and as most know, it is a bit different from its 3D predecessors. Overall I give the game a 8/10, but I would like to delve into the game and say what I liked, and what I didn't like.

- The motion controls, when they worked, added to a lot of cool puzzles and helped underwater maneuvering, and was good for maneuvering the beetle. With an analogue stick, underwater travel has been a nightmare in previous Zeldas, but with the simple gyro added by the motion+, it made it so much more manageable. It was also perfect for controlling the beetle item.
- Beautiful artstyle that made the low res textures not matter. The world looked like an impressionistic painting, it was colorful and vibrant, and made you stare at some of the places in awe. Nintendo definitely made the most out of a seriously outdated underpowered system.
- The puzzles never end! In this Zelda, the puzzles are not just confined to the dungeons, but they are also brought out into the world, making the game one puzzle after another. It also made the game considerably longer, for getting from one dungeon to the next was sort of like a dungeon in itself.
- Ghirahim is awesome.
- Motion controls in combat just weren't responsive enough, they ruined a lot of the gameplay. Many would agree with me on this, the combat was absolutely screwed up by the motion controls. Nothing worked about it.
- Some dissapointments in the climax.

What do you have to add to either list? What were your thoughts about Skyward sword?
I am working my way through Skyward Sword. So far the only gripe I have had with the controls is sometimes my link character will get 'stuck' running in circles, or run off a cliff, or get 'stuck' right in the middle of a big boss fight. I replaced the nunchuk and that didn't fix the problem. Any suggestions?

Also, I have to say, other than having to fight the big black lizard thing way too many times to put him back in his box, I love everything about the game. The challenges, puzzles, dungeons, everything...except having to fight that big black lizard thing a zillion times before the end. LOL I haven't even gotten to the end I don't even know what the final big baddie looks like.
You listed some pretty good pros and cons there, but how on earth did you manage to not list Fi? I mean, I didn't mind her as much as most people, but she was certainly a pretty big con no matter what way you look at it.
I didn't find Fi half as annoying as Navi the fairy in Ocarina of Time...she drove me nuts...but not enough to ever put me off the game. ;) Oh, and the creepy postman in Twilight Princess was pretty annoying too. He was just kinda skeevy. And those weird little spinning gourd things in Twilight Princess could be pretty aggravating if you were in the middle of a fight or trying to scoop up a bug on the gold bug hunt.
cons: to me, that game was way too long

pros: the final fights, the story was beautiful
To be honest, the only problem I had with Skyward Sword was the fact that Fi almost held your hand throughout the entire game, as mentioned in a thread I believe was shared in the Hyrule Field section of the forum. But honestly. I don't need her telling me my battery charge is running low every 5 seconds that the icon in the bottom right hand corner is blinking red. Gimme a break, Fi. I'm aware and I also know that I don't care because I'm just going to wait until the battery runs dry and use another wii mote anyway. So shut off your blinkers. -rant end-
I really enjoyed Skyward Sword, overall. I think my two biggest issues were that it took me way too long to figure out exactly what motion was needed to control my bird (I spent so much time flapping around in the clouds at the very bottom of the screen...) and that I had a disproportionately hard time beating Scaldera, simply because I had a hard time quickly getting a bomb and rolling it toward it (instead I kept getting a bomb, then accidentally pulling out my shield, or sword, or both... dropping the bomb to explode at my feet). Otherwise I really liked it, and I thought the motion control for the actual sword fighting was rather fun. :D
I started this game a while ago but found the controls a little difficult. It was just a lot to get used to. You have to use the remote and the nunchuk and it was just really confusing. I just wish the controls were a little easier to manage.
yep, the motion controls were jammed down the throat. Don't give up though, the story to this game is wonderful.
I have to agree with some points while disagreeing on others. I loved Skyward sword. The story length was well paced. They started you out in a small village again (ala Ocarina or Link to the past) and then expand until you're literally flying on the back of a bird taking enemies out. The combat did not feel wonky to me, after I got used to it. I even say I'd take it over the joysticks and buttons of older controllers, because slashing when I wanted and holding my shield up when I knew I needed to block is intuitive. True, the game on its first setting posed little difficulty (except of the shifting sands and dropping waypoints to figure where to move) but when you beat the game and then set it on the "HERO MODE" setting... let me tell youuuuuuuuuu whooooo boy. It becomes fun and less just painlessly hacking and slashing. I loved all the boss fights on hero mode too, they were so much more edgier.

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