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Mar 26, 2013
It's an aging title who's time in the sun is ending with the impending release of Wind Waker HD and the forthcoming native Wii U title, but I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of this game. Skyward sword took some broad steps in terms of breaking with conventions long established in the Legend of Zelda franchise. People who have spoken with me at length about it know that I was less than thrilled with the Wii's motion controls. Especially true of the first generation Wiimote, the lagginess and impresice input struck me as a step backwards for interface devices. Having said that, I thought it brilliantly added a sorely needed depth of combat control to the Zelda series. The more involved nature of encounters with enemies meant the pacing of the game was going to be different from any other that preceeded it and I feel Nintendo capitalized on this fact brilliantly.

What's your take on this game and the way it treated convention? I know there are those who disliked that it seemed to fly in the face of beloved themes and those who found it to be a breath of fresh air. I think there's good arguments to be made on both sides and I would love to hear them.
I didn't feel that Skyward Sword broke tradition. It was very consistent with what we had seen from the Zelda franchise since Ocarina of Time. The motion controls were unfortunate, but that began with Twilight Princess and will probably come back in the Wind Waker remake (but let's pray they allow classic controllers).

I have also heard comments that Skyward Sword was too linear, but to me that's also unfounded. There were lots of side quests in the game to keep you busy outside the main storyline, especially compared to Twilight Princess, and the side quests were more fun than the previous few games.

I was also extremely happy with the art direction of Skyward Sword. It was a beautiful Zelda game and a fun one at that.
I bought the gamecube version of Twilight Princess specifically because it is the control scheme Nintendo designed it's product around. I can attest that it is brilliant. I hated the Wii controls int hat game to an extent it almost turned me off of the system altogether. Luckily, I then got to play some native titles and saw the potential in them.

The art was probably my least favorite part of skyward sword and I am concerned Nintendo is making a mistake in continuing it's style with the next. Nintendo has suffered for their decision to avoid HD displays until now and they really need to punch it up. A grittier take on Hyrule, or wherever Link will be venturing, would be a refreshing change and provide ample opportunity to really showcase what 1080p textures can do.
I didn't find the Wii commands annoying at all to play the Twilight Princess Wii version. Though I did find them a bit annoying while playing Skyward Sword, I don't know what is it about that last Zelda game in particular but I just didn't get too "swallowed" by it like I felt with the others... I wouldn't dare call it a dissappointment, but it was far from what I expected. Anyways... looking forward for the Wind Waker HD release for thw Wii U, I'd rather replay a PERFECT old classic than be disappointed by a new title again.
at the end of the day, this(Zelda tattooed, all games collected) fanboy loved the story, but really couldn't stand having motion controls shoved down my throat. i liked the rpg elements. Zelda needs this kind of upgrade. there were just times i felt it was way too long, i fought the controls (especially while swimming and tight rope walking.) I did like having a fresh story finally.

The sword fights were awesome

art style: good, but i think they were trying to reel in younger players

since playing SS, i replayed TP and enjoyed it more. it may not be a better game, but i had more fun with it.

I'll give SS an 8/10, just not my favorite
I actually got the game on my switch recently and its part of my xmas gifts i plan on having.

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