Smash Bros 3DS vs. Smash Bros WiiU


Oct 25, 2014
Wii U
As a Nintendo Club member, I got to try Smash Bros 3DS a week early. I couldn't make a judgement call then because only a few characters were unlocked and you were limited to a single stage. Now that it's released I still haven't bought it. Some of my Smash-buddies bought it and let me try it, but it just didn't feel exciting; it honestly felt the same as Brawl with a bigger roster. Not to mention, playing Smash on anything but a GameCube controller just feels wrong. Regardless, I'm keeping my hopes up that the WiiU version will be the Smash Bros I was expecting. From the 50-Fact Extravaganza video, the game looks like pure eye-candy.

I'm curious how many of you bought the 3DS version and will buy the WiiU version as well. I can't be the only one holding out until the end of the month.
The Wii U version is the meat and potatoes of this generation's Smash Bros games.

What makes the situation interesting is that the 3DS is actually a more successful system than the Wii U, which allowed Nintendo to put a lot more resources in Smash Bros 3DS that would normally go in a handheld version. Also, in Japan people have updated hardware and can use the analog stick for smash attacks, which makes controls very different.

If I owned both a Wii U and a 3DS, I'd get both games. The Wii U version will be king, but I see a lot of charm in the 3DS game.
I always forget how well the 3DS sold/is selling in comparison to the WiiU. I bought my console right when it came out, but I think the lack of launch titles hurt its sales. Mine came with the MiiVerse Game (I forgot it's name) and one of the only other options was the new Super Mario Bros. Maybe Smash Bros will boost WiiU sales, though.

And even though I'm not a fan of the handheld version, it was a genius move for Nintendo to make Smash Bros a cross-platform title. My friends and I joke that we'll go out somewhere like Starbucks and play Smash just because we can now. Smash-on-the-go is a reality now, which might be a reason I cave later and buy both.

As far as controls, I've seen something similar where people have rigged their 3DS to work with a GameCube control. That would be so cool to try, but I'm not looking to void my warranty.

Do you own a 3DS or a WiiU?
I like the wii u but I think that the 3ds is good as well. I cannot believer that the 3ds is selling better than the wii u. I really hope that they can make a better push around Christmas to get more sales.

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