Smash Bros: A new amazing screenshot released

Wow, this looks pretty cool. It doesn't look amazing though, it is pretty bland to be honest.
I'd have to agree, it is a bit bland. However, the idea behind it is fairly epic. I can't wait for this to come out my friends and I have been waiting for this to come out! I remember all of the hours spent on the last few versions.
Yes, I would agree than it's bland, but one can't deny the fact that it looks cool. Let's see how things pan out.
I'm suddenly reminded of the Rainbow Ride Skyship hazard stage, and am thinking this may be the new version of it. I can see it now, starting at a landing strip, jumping onto planes taking off, dodging jetpack fliers, and hopping among hangliders, down to parachuters, back to the airstrip. I'm a stickler that Melee had the most amount of love and care put into the game play and roster, and I hope to see more of that in the new Smash.
Looks like a Smash Bros game alright, which is good that it's being faithful to the original. But it does lack certain flair to it. In order for a sequel to work well it needs to capture the original feel of the game but also add something new that will stand out, here it just looks like we are adding in new graphics and new levels , but there's nothing innovative going on. I certainly see why they are reluctant with changing too much, but I think that a bit of innovation and risk-taking is needed.
I think you need to see it in motion, Nintendo sure knows how to do fan service though. I imagine more and more will be shown for Smash Bros. soon. This game is a big part of their fall line up.
I'm positive that Smash Bros will get it's own Nintendo Direct, to better show off the game, when it's closer to its release date. Can't wait for that. This is yet another Wii U title that I'm looking forward to picking up when it comes out. It may come out in Spring of 2014, but I'm glad that Nintendo is willing to wait until it's 100% done and finished, before releasing it, instead of trying to rush it out for the holidays, just to get the sales, only to have to patch it up later. I'd rather they take the extra time and get it done right, as opposed to rushing it out for the holidays unfinished, like a lot of other companies would do.

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