Smash Bros movie confirmed?

That would be epic! I would love to see a Super Smash Bros. movie! What would they base it off of, though? Subspace Emissary? Probably not, considering how long ago that was, and that they would need permission from third party companies, like for Snake. If they were to make a Smash Bros. movie, they would probably go with a whole new plot, which is what I would agree with.
Recently Nintendo have said they're going into the movie business, or at least thinking about it, and so with that in mind I'd imagine that a smash bros movie could be on the cards.

As long as it's done right, and does the game series justice, I think that all gamers would like to see how a movie based on this would turn out, but if it is going to be Nintendo made and funded, as a first movie it's going to HAVE to be a success or it might scupper their chances of making any more.

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