SNES vs Newer Consoles and Originality


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Jul 30, 2016
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I feel like newer consoles are much better than the older ones for many reasons like game play, and all the advancements. But I do feel like older consoles like the SNES or N64 were better with originality when it came down to the games themselves. I think there are a wider array of game titles available for systems these days but the games themselves are really boring sometimes.

Many titles that are out now are just repetitive versions of games that came out like 2 decades ago. They are still good, but lack of originality does exist. Do you have a different opinion?
Absolutely. Many of the new games coming out are just getting re-hashed, re-done for next gen, and sequels after sequels after sequels. Back in the day I remember when I would frequent video game rental spots like Blockbuster or Hollywood video and the selection would be insane. Even for something as generic as sports games or scrolling shooters their seemed to be way more options and inventive ideas. That being said, the newer consoles still kill the retro ones in terms of having fun, maybe I'm just spoiled now, but I don't think I could ever go back, at least full time.
Well I think that originality can only be attributed to so many machines, and of course not everything can be deemed original or a classic. That said, though, there is something special about the SNES and it probably has a lot to do with growing up on it, so I am sure that the younger generation will have their "originals" to point to as well. Ours will be better, though. Thanks for sharing.
Yes something is wrong with the Games today, I sometimes get really depressed when thinking back to times when i played the SNES.
We met with friends just to play together. We got outside, played football or whatever and then at evening we spend lots of time playing video games.
Today with internet and things its all a bit different. There are way too many games created every day, 90% of them are just crap. When you look back to SNES TIMES
and look how many Games there actually were, then you may be suprised because there were hundreds of thousands of games and 90% of them were crap too. But the difference is that the crappy games on SNES had the Originality you mentioned. They were totally crap sometimes but it was something you had never seen before. But today Games are only money. They calculate the stupidity of the people and produce games that brings the most money. They do hundreds of games that are based on the same scheme. But Nintendo is doing it right now wih the switch. I love playing zelda, mario kart and puyo puyo tetris. Looking forward to Super Mario Odysee and more nice games. Zelda is already an epic game and mario kart 8 is epic also.

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