So...all the crying and gnashing of teeth regarding "family play"...


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Feb 18, 2013
Completely pointless. It was never going to be about sharing games. Instead it was be about sharing demos - why you need such extensive DRM for a demo I'll never know. I mean Sony has had playable demos for ages without needing to institute DRM... Whatever maybe the especially gullible will stop bringing this up all the time now.
Excuse me, but what are you ranting about exactly? Could you better explain yourself...
Xbox One aka the Xbone had the whole "Family Share" thing, when they changed their DRM policies they took this away. I personally have no idea why you need DRM for what amounts to a sharable demo of a game versus actual sharing of a game. As I mentioned Sony's PSN has long had sharable demos for games without the need for DRM.

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