So I played The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) beta...


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Feb 9, 2014
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So everybody, I decided to play Elder Scrolls Online, and I was pretty excited by it. I'll be fair, honest, and critical on this: The Elder Scrolls Online (developed by ZemiMax Studios, NOT Bethesda), is an open world MMORPG game with The Elder Scrolls intended, is not worth the box, disc, subscription, and that 30GB space on your computer and everything related to TESO if you love the freedom of Elder Scrolls, if you love fast action combat, if you love innovative MMO's that take on new ideas, and if you love a dynamic world.

Now, let me get this straight. The Elder Scrolls is enjoyable if you stop comparing it to Skyrim. If the game released 4-6 years ago, it wouldn't get all this hate and it would indeed be revolutionary. The game does NOT have a dynamic and living world. Indeed, the devs say the game is all about exploration. However, there is a major, big flaw in that. The environment in TESO feels very empty, there is little to no interactable objects in the game, there is no change whatsoever in the world, and it's very stale.

The gameplay is simple and straight forward, although it's messy in some areas. For one, the combat in 1st person mode, when you wield a melee weapon, feels like a serious mess. Especially fighting multiple monsters, you can't tell what's going on because: 1) Mobs/NPC's/Players going through each other making it hard to distinguish one another 2) FOV is too small. The animations for combat in 1st person feels like your not hitting anything, and I don't even know if I am.

The quests are the most boring and uninspiring things in the game, they're not like Skyrim quests, their more of traveling quests. There isn't exactly a quest grind (kill 30 skeevers, ect), but more like traveling to point A to B most of the time. If the quests get more interesting later in mid-game/end-game, then the devs seriously turned off so many people by the boringness of beginning zones. It doesn't matter if "Oh, that's just the beginning", first impressions are the most important because that's what going to get people hooked on the game. If you ever did say that to someone, it's going to sound like "Oh, you gotta waste 10-40 hours of your life playing a boring game, then it gets fun!", my friend told me that for World of Warcraft, and no it didn't still didn't get fun at level 60, most of still grind.

Combat, overall, is pretty simple though, which is a good thing for a game like this. It isn't horribly simple, but it does get the job done. The skill unlocks are one of the most rewarding and good things about the game, and really feels rewarding and worth it.

Music is pretty good, I like it better than Skyrim. Although what really gets you is the sound effects, espcially in combat, it sounds pretty cheesy. The music, however, goes well with the story. The story sadly isn't very "epic-feeling" nor amazing, it's rather simple and straight to the point. Sometimes you get choices in quests, which can be a refreshing feel, and is something that traditional MMO's should do more often.

I stopped playing at level 8, because exploring doesn't feel rewarding enough since there's not really much there except different mob skins and new terrain. Traveling to places are expensive as heck, and horses are even more expensive.

I'll stop this and say here, the game TESO is Skyrim, however seriously stripped down. I don't know what it would be in its final release (I won't be buying this one), but as it is and its anticipated release as it is won't be worth the $80+ in the long run.

If you do like the game though, besides all these points, then that's fine too. The game majorly disappointed me since I feel I'm on a linear path instead of a nonlinear path and I can be whoever I could be in a freeform kind (no choice dialogues, just do it kind of way).

What do you think of TESO? Did you like it when you played it?
I've seen many people on the internet complain about TESO.
Most of them complain about the graphics.

I haven't played it and I don't think I will unless they make it F2P.
Graphics aren't bad, I say they're a big improvement on character models than Skyrim.

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