So is the PS4 a more likely purchase now?


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Feb 18, 2013
Following Microsoft's pathetic showing at E3 and the confirmation that Microsoft officially hates gamers now, is the purchase of a PS4 more likely? For me that is a definite yes, which is pretty telling considering how much of a disappointment the PS3 was for me this time around. Something tells me the WiiU is going to be my absolute favorite for the coming generation. What about you?
Neither system is anything to be excited about. It's like the year 2000 all over again--these guys are all about putting out yet another generation of power-hungry boxes that will push a few more polygons than before and suck DLC and microtransaction money out of kids.

I'll admit that I was very impressed with the new Kinect demo, but I'm more interested in non-gaming applications of it (and I don't mean controlling your cable box by waving at it, either).
Look - I like Nintendo... The WiiU is going to be my console, but honestly there is a very large difference between the Xboner and PS4. Both are powerful consoles with some rather impressive traits, but the Xboner is made by people who honestly hate gamers. No used games, having to log on to access new games, effectively licensing instead of owning your games, etc. So yeah. That said I never got the DLC or microtransaction hate because... these things are not required. If someone is sucker enough to put their money out there like that - that's their malfunction.
I'm gonna buy a PS4, when it drops in price and has enough good games. I'm not an FPS fan so X1 isn't attractive to me. I'll stick with my Wii U and PC until PS4 price drop though. Can't beat them Steam sales!
There is no way I'll be buying an Xbox One, so my chances of getting a PS4 have increased. I wasn't entirely impressed with the PS3, but the Blu Ray player sure came in handy. Since Microsoft has officially flipped the bird to all their fans, I think the PS4 has a good chance of dominating the market. I will always have an inate loyalty to Nintendo, but I still have more fun with the NES and SNES classics then I do with the modern games.
Yes, I would say that PS4 is a more likely purchase now. But it's not because of their ridiculous policies (now reversed), but because it won't be available in Asia until 2014. So, I am gonna buy a PS4 instead of waiting for Xbox One.
Have you seen Game Informers timeline for the Xbone? MS is so very sketchy man... so very sketchy indeed. So many leadership changes, so much distain for the consumer, so much idiocy within the span of a few weeks. I mean why completely change how you're going to do used games sell only to have to change it all back?
Ive just found the PS4 home screen on YouTube, it was an accident because the game crashed. Any of you want to see it?
Wii U is a great choice for folks that want to play a couple of decent games and not have to break the bank. However, I'm concerned about the future of the console considering it's current sales figures are far from great. The PS4 is pretty much the only future-proof console of the big three. But I'm not really impressed by the PS4's game library at this point in time, though I do expect it to improve over the next year or two.
For me, yeah... because I already own the other two lol. Though I might get an android based console before a PS4. I don't really know.
It's my birthday today and the wife has, unexpectedly, got me a PS4. I have never had any other console apart from Nintendo and haven't even held a PS game pad before. I feel like a traitor!:(
Expanding your horizons is a good thing!
It's my birthday today and the wife has, unexpectedly, got me a PS4. I have never had any other console apart from Nintendo and haven't even held a PS game pad before. I feel like a traitor!:(

well if it couldn't be helped...nah, look at the bright side. Now you can get WWE 14,15 and 16! I don't know what else they have to play

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