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Mar 25, 2016
I've touched on this subject before but... I'm a member of a dating website and it's my favorite one and the one I've by far had the most luck with. It has gotten me a few dates. The problem is, you can either spend the whole day getting creative to try to get women by writing novel profiles and first messages, which takes up all of your time, or you can do easier ways such as swiping on the Meet Me feature or viewing lots of profiles to give the women notifications and get them to view your profile. It saves rejection and weeds out who is interested in you. The problem is, the site I go to, which I have had the most luck with, has implemented updates to prevent these tricks now. Which means I'm left to creativity. I'm a nerd deep down, I have no creativity when it comes to women and writing good messages and profiles. I don't even know where to begin despite my former, eccentricly-obtained dating experience.
I find that with myself a dating relationship isn't even on the table yet. I've generally avoided one-on-one social interaction for a very long time and I know I would have severe difficulty. If I was to try, I would be too focused on the concept of having a girlfriend or whatever instead of learning about the person in front of me. I'm still sorting out some of my personal issues (work, weight, etc), but my intention is to focus first on establishing a friendship that doesn't require intermediators to keep it going; then after that start getting a better idea of what kind of person I'd want to be with. I don't believe being indiscriminate really helps as it makes it difficult to focus your enthusiasm and personality on one person (unless you're getting one nights through Tindr). If using the fish metaphor, I'd say that if your net is too wide the holes become too big and the fish just swim straight through.
I my entire life have avoided any social interaction in the real world! So many things you have to remember, so many rules you have to follow, memorize, what if you say the wrong thing? what if your not appreciated? I would say to stick to your cartridges, they will never leave and never betray you, unless its a gbc cartridge. In that case just play it until you think its about done and then just prepare yourself for the "break up." Thats what i always do XD. But yeah, just stay away from social interaction with the opposite sex or even your own sex, just talk to people online. Best way to go.
My advice is to just be yourself. If you spend all your time trying to sell yourself, you're going to end up trying to be someone you aren't.

Finding common ground is extremely important. You want to find someone that has some of the same interests as you as well. If you like Dungeons and Dragons, for example, you might try to find a forum online that focuses on that. World of Warcraft is another interest (if you're in to that.) I found my partner on an online game community; these things can happen.

Have confidence. If you're rejected a thousand times, it doesn't reflect badly on you as a person, it just means that you have to keep searching for the right one. I know it sounds cliche, and it sounds impossible. Sometimes you don't make it with someone, sometimes you find a friend instead. But looking for a partner is a long winding road, but eventually you'll reach that destination.

Have hope! Don't give up!
Well, my only thing is either do what i said to do first, or you an do what Katarine suggested, but if you do that you have to remember one thing. Never hope you will find someone. Never set your goal at finding someone. Yes i agree, you should believe in yourself, you should believe that you will never find someone. This is the best way to go other than the first way. Then if and when you do find someone the joy will be multiplied drastically than if you were expecting it, and if you don't find someone you won't have lost anything or not lived up to your expectations. I may only be 14, but i believe my methods bring the most happiness through another person weather you find someone or not.
I'm a monster and women love me. A lot of women hate me, but women love me. You just gotta believe in yourself so hard, you should be believing in yourself less hard, but you don't.

I have a really nice body though too, so there's that. I'm only 5'7 but the rest of my height went...other's just confidence at the end of the day dude, I kick it with this really short lil mexicano ayayayayaya named Antonio (I call him my ayayayayaya and he loves it, relax), he is lean but he doesn't really work out. Guy is legit dumb but hilarious, but he has no fear and just goes out there and has fun, one of the few people that keeps up with me in terms of wanting to go out and just grab some drinks and meet strangers.

If you are looking for a onesie/the mama of your babies, you gotta focus on that. If you wanna just meet people and have fun, you gotta focus on that. Pick one or the other, half ass is no ass to have.
Don't do either in my opinion, stay by yourself, don't have kids. They are leaches that in the end will return nothing for you. Then, never go and "meet people and have fun." This in my opinion is never a good way to meet someone. Just stay to yourself, live your life alone, do what you need to do to be completely self proficient. The best way is by maybe, if you drive to work, stop at a gas station every time. The best way to gain friendship is by seeing them more and more. By the time they will be used to you and if they do ask about maybe doing something then you most likely already know them well enough to know if you want to say yes or not. Again, just my suggestions, do what you want :p
lol, I don't know if you're trolling or if you legit have the soul of a sitcom character. I totally agree that's probably the best way to live for some people, but I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world. Plus, the reason most people's kids suck is because the parents aren't great parents...they hardly use their turn signals when driving, what makes you think they could raise a human in high spirits?
Lol Shane, the one who started this hasn't even been on since the 8th. XD But yes, if you were talking to me StockRolls, yes i am legit. Every word i said is, in my opinion, true.
I met a great girl one single day after starting this thread and we have been together ever since. I hardly have time for video games or forums anymore. But I will still try to play video games.

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