Some Pokemon have really tough lives


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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
On top of being captured all the time and having to fight battle after battle, there are a few Pokemon that just all around have it rough.

In this video, my gf and I countdown five Pokemon that it would really suck to be.

So what Pokemon do you think have it the worst?
I am not sure which pokemon has it the worst, but I am pretty sure which one has it the best: Snorlax! I mean, all he does is sleep and eat and laze around - we don't get the opportunity to do that these days with school and stuff.
Haha, totally! Snorlax pretty much gets to live the life. Sleep all the time, occasionally wake up and swipe at some folks, then right back to snoozing. If we could all be that chill :p
Poor Meowth. He got stuck with Jessie and James. If he latched onto someone successful, he would have had it made.

Instead he's blasting offfff agaaaaaiinn... *sparkle in the sky*

Hmm, Jigglypuff. He/She only wants friends. Too bad everything it sings at Karaoke putting everyone to sleep. (pun intended)
XD Always love a good Poke-Pun :p Seriously, Jigglypuff does have it rough. And it's true! Meowth could have done so much if Jessie and James weren't holding him back lol

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