Some Switch PRO Ideas


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Oct 19, 2021
Wii U
Everything Included In The Orginal Switch Line


Comes In Either 128 GB Or 512 GB
Can Be Expanded By 6 TB Micro SD Card
8 GB Ram
With OLED Screens
The Rest Of The Specs Can Stay The Same

Make A Digital-Only And Lite Edition Of The Switch Pro

Switch Online Libary:
Gameboy - Switch Online
Gameboy Color - Switch Online
Gameboy Advance - Switch Online
Virtual Boy - Switch Online
Sega Mega Drive - Switch Online
Sega Master System - Switch Online
Atari 2600 - Switch Online
Atari 7800 - Switch Online
Turbo Grafx 16 - Switch Online
Sega CD - Switch Online
Atari Jaguar - Switch Online
Adobe Flash Game Classics - Switch Online
Atari Lynx - Switch Online
Sega Game Gear - Switch Online

Virtual Console:
Wii Virtual Console
Wii U Virtual Console
3DS Virtual Console
Sega Dreamcast Virtual Console
Sega Saturn Virtual Console
MSN Classics Virtual Console (The Games That Were Included With Windows PC Up until Windows 8)
Gamecube Virtual Console
WiiWare Virtual Console
DSI Ware Virtual Console

Super Mario Run Port
Mario Kart Tour Port
Nintendo Switch Online App Port
Miitomo Rebirth/Port
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Port
Dr Mario World Port
Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App Port

A USB Camera For Taking Pictures
A USB Microphone
A USB Wii Sensor Bar For The Switch To Use Wii Motes
A VR Headset For The Switch

A DuckDuckGo Type Web Browser App For Switch (Built-In VPN, Built-In AD Blocker, Built-In ZIP File Unzipper, And Ability To Add Extensions From The Nintendo Eshop)
Switch Talk (Like Wii U Chat But For Switch, Would Make A Use For That USB Camera/Microphone)
A Voice Recorder App (Another Use For The USB Microphone)
A Picture/Video Taking App (Another Use For The USB Camera)
Ability To Convert Pictures Of Faces To Miis (Like On The 3DS, Another Use For The USB Camera)
Ability To Convert Miis To A Picture (Like On The 3ds)
Custom Themes With A Theme Shop W/O Homebrew (Like On The 3DS)
Miiworld (The Over Due Successor To Miiverse, If You Don't Know What I'm Talking About, Read It On The Nintendo Wiki)
Switch Chat (Basically A Chat Room For Switch)
A Better Onscreenen Keyboard (One That Doesn't Take Up The Whole Screen When Playing Among Us)
A Customizable Keyboard

Roblox Port W/O Homebrew
Blockstarplanet Port
Moviestarplanet Port
Unturned Port
Runescape Port
Old School Runescape Port
Club Penguin (Like Nintendo Buys The Rights To It And Re-Boots It)
Rec Room Port For The Switch
Blankos Block Party For The Switch
A Port Of Every Homebrew Game That Is On A Nintendo Console (Not Apps + Not Ports Of Other Games Ported From The Origin Console To Da New Console, ex: Doom)
Planet Nintendo Online (A Neat Idea I Have Had For A Switch Game, A Online Hangout Game-Based Around Nintendo Characters, Kinda Like SSB Minus The Fighting) Nintendo And Google Team Up To Have Popular Play Store Games On The Nintendo Eshop (Clash Of Clans, Subway Surfers, Pou, Talking Tom ETC.)
Viva Pinata Port
Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise Port
A New Viva Pinata Game (EX: Viva Pinata 3)
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts And Bolts Port
Perfect Dark Zero Port
A new banjo-Kazooie game
a new perfect dark game
Disc Space Port
Crossout Port

Nintendo Video For The Switch
Pikmin Short Movies For The Switch
Netflix For The Switch
VRV For The Switch
Crunchyroll For The Switch
Spotify For The Switch
Disney+ For Switch
Paramount+ For Switch
HBO Max For The Switch
Prime Video For The Switch
Soundcloud For The Switch
Pluto TV For The Switch
Gameboy Advance Video+ (A Streaming Service To View GBAVs)
Kirby TV

A Cloud-Based Document Editing Service (Similar To Microsoft Office)
The Ability To Upload Videos To Youtube, Google Drive And Miiworld
The Ability To Upload Audio Files To Soundcloud, Google Drive And Miiworld
A Map App Like Waze
A Multi Email Viewer For All The Popular Ones
Grubhub Or Postmates For The Switch
Uber For The Switch
A Paypal, Venmo Or Cash App Port
A WeatherBug Port
A Paid News Service
A Photo Editing App
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