Something walmart This Way Comes


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Sep 26, 2015
I went to Walmart on November 1st 2017, to pick up Super Mario Odyssey, I paid for the game went home to take off the sealed wrap only to find out, that the case was emptied. NO GAME!!!! I was in a rage. So I drove back to Walmart with the case, receipt, bag, the plastic wrap. and waited 20 minutes in Customer Service. (There wasn't a long long line.) Just some lady taking eons for something she needed, which could of been makeup or tampons. Finally I was next. I held in my anger. & told the lady I just bought this game and there wasn't a game inside just the case. I was hoping she didn't play the card & said "You just took the game out and trying to get another one for free." But she didn't. She contacted the Electronic section and told them to get me the game. So I walked over there, the guy had the game. I went back to Customer service. And Told them I need to open the game here to see if the game is inside. She Agreed. I open up the case for the new Mario game, and it was in there.. The weight of the world was off of my shoulders.. On the way home. I thought the next time I buy a Game at Walmart. I will take the game out of the case and drive back and state that the game wasn't in there. But I will go to a different Walmart for that. And sell the copy online. Walmart has screwed me out of money before. So I think they deserve it. An eye for an eye.
Wow, sounds bad, and glad to hear your problem got resolved. I've never had an experiences were the game wasn't in the case, and I own a lot of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch games.
Darn. This is why digital perchases are nice. Glad to hear you got it resolved.
Wow! I’ve had a scratched disc back in the day, but never that. Crazy