Sonic 06: Is it really that bad?

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, I just heard that Sonic 06 is a horrible game. But somehow, I find it quite enjoyable when I played it. Sure, the loading screens are a pain, but I heard the main reason why was that it was glitchy. However, I didn't run into that many glitches in the game, the only ones being when Knuckles and Rouge climbing on a wall. I don't reallly know why people critically panned it when it was a great game when I played it. I just feel like people over exaggerate the game's flaws.
Yeah, I've never played it, but I think people kind of over-exaggerate the flaws of the game too. I've seen people that think Super Mario Sunshine is a terrible game just because there's a couple glitches (which I have yet to find) when truthfully, it's a good game. I'm sure Sonic 06 is about the same thing.
I have it, and honestly it's a glitchy mess. However, it's still okay for what it is and for what it's worth I think it'd be a very good game if there weren't so many glitches. I like the premise of it as a whole.
For my review score, I would give it a 7.2 out of 10. The graphics are nice and passable for the ps3 and the fast paced gameplay is great. The level designs are a lot of times passable. however, the glitches affect the gameplay obviously and the voice acting is kind of terrible. The storyline is very confusing and silver's gameplay is just unessecary.
It was an early game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 so they do have rather good graphics all things considering.
I don't really know why sonic needs ridiculous storylines like those tho. Sonic is originally supposed to be a cartoon character but suddenly switches to serious storylines like stopping an evil god from destroying the universe. I mean, it just sounds out of place for sonic, who is supposed to have light hearted cartoon style storylines. I mean, what the hell sega? Imagine just let's say Spongebob has to fight jesus's evil twin who wants to build a new world and spongebob has to use his soaking attack to kill enemies. How odd would that be? That would be weird

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