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Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)
Hey guys, i am celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sonic Adventure 2......... by saying how flawed it is. Yes I know, I may be a bit of a dick here, but not everything about it is all that bad.

The critics gave sonic adventure 2 critical acclaim as the best 3d sonic game, but seriously, let's dive deep into what this package has to offer.

Sonic has a lot of fun fast paced stages that are not glitchy whatsoever. But that's only a third of the storyline, there is Knuckles and Tails in the stage.

I mean, the thing about the knuckles stages are the same in Sonic Adventure 1, but it is now made more infuriating since the Radar system for treasure hunting is changed. Not that I am saying that knuckles is bad, it is meh or decent in my opinion (Meteor Herd and Aquatic Mines were nightmares tho, ugh). Now let's start with the worst character to play as in the game, Tails.

When you think of tails stages, you might think, "Yeah! I am going to fly high in the sky with tails, cause he has two tails because apparently that has to be a thing. 0_o." But it's completely the opposite, it is just a slow-paced rail shooter, UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHH! I mean seriously, is sega really that stupid? All you do in the tails stages is just shooting enemies, thats... it. No challenge in it whatsoever even with the clunky controls tails has. I am not joking, these stages are so bad that it makes Big's fishing stages from sonic adventure 1 look as fun as fricking Bayonetta 2!

And speaking of Adventure 1, Sonic also has some flaws that keep it from being really that fun. Sonic has almost the same flaws as in Adventure 1, adding with the fact that Sonic has a pyramid cave stage where it is the WORST SONIC STAGE IN THE GAME. Moral of what I am saying: never mix fast paced platforming with puzzle solving!

Well, time for the dark stages, all the characters, Eggman, Rouge, and Shadow have exactly the same functions as the hero story stages (except shadow's stages are less interesting than Sonic's T_T)

Overall, I give the game a score of 6.7/10

Even though the tails and Eggman stages are insipid, Knuckles and Rouge had fairly decent stages. Sonic and Shadow's were the best ones to play in. It was an improvement from Sonic Adventure 1, but there are so many things holding back the game from being that good. In my opinion, I kinda did not like Sonic Adventure 2, so I will not recommend it to people who want to play it, but you can if you want to, this game has mixed feelings from many people.
I will say SA2 remains my second favorite Sonic game to this day. To be completely honest, Adventure 1 & 2, Generations, and 3/Knuckles are the only main series Sonic games I think I actually enjoy. I also enjoy the All-Star Racing games, though.

I like that you're reviewing these, it brings some variety. Is Heroes next on your list?
@Jack Lovejoy Lol I have to admit, I'm pretty clueless to who you're talking about. Guess I'll just have to wait an see!
I'm actually a pretty big fan of that game. Never been huge into Sonic, I did play some of his old-school games on old Sega consoles at my grandmother's house years ago, but they weren't games I got hooked on... not by a long shot.
I didn't play Adventure 1 (although I bought it for X360; yet to play it), but some of my fondest memories of the GameCube was replaying the hell out of SA2. The whole Chao Garden feature was the main point of replaying through it, trying to unlock everything.
I have since picked it up on the Xbox 360 and put several hours into it again, beat the story mode at least twice. Every now and then I have a go at it. It's a blast to take turns with friends on some of those stages.
I like this game a lot but I agree with you that it does have a lot of flaws and thought you were pretty fair in your review. Any opinions on the Chao Garden. I agree with CemetaryGates23 that I thought it added a lot of replay value and in playing back through stages to get stuff for chao, I ended up seeing some things I missed in the levels playing them the first time around. I do think that part of the reason why this game is remembered so fondly is because of how terrible a lot of the Sonic games that came out after it were but having said that, some of the levels in this game are an absolute blast to play. I wouldn't say it's a must play title by any means but it has it's moments.
Yeah, the chao garden gives the game replay value, which is great. Just look at those adorable fairies!

Since I forgot to talk about the Chao Garden, I will give the game a score of 7.1/10, since the chao garden gives replay value and damn it is fun to raise them. Also, a lot of people may say only 33% of the game is good (they are saying Sonic and Shadow's Gameplay being the only good ones and the rest of the characters being crap) But in my opinion, 66% of the game is good since the treasure hunting stages with Rouge and Knuckles are quite fun too. Robotnik and Tails's stages are crappy and unnecessary.
I play through Sonic Adventure 2 once a year. Pretty big game when you factor in the final level(s) when characters unite.

I liked the song Live and Learn, and the final boss.

I would rate it 7.8/10.

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