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Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, I am just here to review over the old classic dreamcast game that was one of my childhood favorites, sonic adventure. However, I see it has aged badly since then and here is the summary:

Sonic is now on a succcessful 3d platform, which made a huge leap for the sonic franchise, the characters were given stories and the gameplay was not very glitchy at all. However, I give sonic adventure a score of 5.9 out of 10. Here is why:

Sonic, tails, and knuckles gameplay were all very fun and unique to play in. However, Amy, Gamma, and especially big's storylines are boring. I mean why would they add big in there? If I wanted to play a fishing game, I would play Sega Bass Fishing, just leave him out of the action platformer. Amy's storyline is eh, as it is a decently-paced game where she avoids getting captured by a robot. Gamma's storyline was not needed either, so if sonic adventure had removed those two characters, I would have given a higher review.

Now let's talk about the voice acting, it is horrendous! All of the characters sounded monotonous and when characters are supposed to say AHHH! they just say it like ah in a low voice.

Sonic's gameplay also had some flaws even though it is the best one to play in. The camera angles were kinda bad like the part where you run away from a boulder, do you like it when you have to run towards the camera and not see what is in front of you? Also, the collision detection with some walls have very high friction, so running past a wall may sometimes slow you down, which is quite annoying.

Like I said in my sonic 06 review, the storyline is too convoluted. Sonic has to fight off an ancient monster from destroying the world with water. Sonic is a cartoon character Sega, make his storyline at least fitting!

For the Gamecube version or the DX version, I give the game 6.4/10 mainly because of the much more enhanced graphics.

In the dreamcast version, sonic looked mad uglies like the picture below

But in the DX version, he looks much more handsome, thank you nintendo.
I recently played it on Xbox One at a store. The gameplay has definitely aged.
Alright... I'm not gonna lie and this is going to be awkward.

I love this game. I mean, I looooooooooooove it. It's in my top three games of all time, literally right after Super Mario 64 and The Sims 2.

Uh... Being completely objective though... Yeah. It may show its age, you can tell it's a relic of the sixth generation... but I don't think it's "bad" by today's standards either.

I'll say this though... regardless of what you may think about it, love it, hate it, like it, dislike it, etc.... There are worse Sonic games out there.

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