Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal

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Jan 23, 2016
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Ah, yes, finally I can get into the most recent sonic game here. Sonic boom, such great games! *blows kisses*
And you can thank Bob Rafei for creating this masterpiece...... Yeah, thanks for ruining my childhood....... Hope you burn in hell along with Michael Berlyn.... Yeah, that is where you belong....


But lets see what Rafei has made before, Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, big hits on the Sony Playstation. But now we have Sonic Boom. What was Rafei thinking? The first thing you know about the game is the graphics, yes, the graphics, they look like it was made during the ps2 era. Rafei, this is not the playstation 2 era anymore, get your dimes right!

And another thing that sucks about Sonic Boom is that Sonic is again, slow. Even still, in the fast running sections of the game, sonic's image of the fastest thing alive is ruined since his friends now run as fast as him. How convenient Big Red Button, how convenient. Also, the levels feel largely unfinished since the framerate keeps dropping in the running sections and the camera can't even keep up with Sonic and his friends. This ruins the experience of fast-paced gameplay.

Aside from running, did I mention that this game is also a fighting game? Yeah, Rafei went into a line where those two things of Running and fighting don't mix well. When you are fighting enemies, it is slow, sluggish, and repetetive and enemies take forever to kill. This causes the gameplay to become sluggish in progress since Sonic has to run in broken levels and then has to stop to fight against enemies that are everywhere.

Sonic Boom also is a puzzle solving game, ugh. I mean, Rafei, why did you make the game a puzzle game too? Anyway, the puzzles aren't even considered to be puzzles, it is merely just stomping buttons and whipping things with your enerbeam, idk why enerbeams are in this game, it is just a thing.

And speaking of Enerbeams, they don't even do much except for throwing enemies, which doesnt harm them and used for rail travelling.

Shadow the Hedgehog also appears in this game, but to my chagrin, he only appears for being a measly boss fight that is anticlimactically easy. This is similar to Knuckles boss fight in Sonic 3 and knuckles, great game, but knuckles was just defeated easily by Sonic's insta-shield or tails's propeller blades. But this is about a game that is not even considered good.

About the voice acting, the characters won't shut up in the game. They usually say something like when they see a switch and saying other pointless one-liners. I think this is an attempt to be funny, but I think even the scripters thought that this was dumb.

Now about the glitches, there are just so many since the game is largely unfinished as I mentioned. In fact, there is a trick where Knuckles can jump forever and break the game. Well Tails, Knuckles does his job of flying better than you do. Consider yourself replaced, Tails. In fact that is not the only game breaking glitch, there are so many I can talk about, but all I have to say is that you can skip large portions of the game.

I give the game a score of 0.5/10. Absolutely nothing about this game is good, the levels are excessively long and it feels like the 2014 version of Bubsy 3d.

Now here is Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal.

About this game, I actually thought it looked interesting as the game follows a formula similar to the sonic advance and Rush series. The gameplay overall looks great except for the fact that this game suffers from long level syndrome similarly to it's wii u counterpart. The gameplay also feels very sluggish as the combat is boring and the puzzles are barely puzzles. Also, the story is not very interesting.

I give this 3ds game a score of 3.4/10. Gameplay may be great if they shortened the boring long levels and the puzzle solving.

Right now, they are making Sonic Boom Fire and Ice. When I looked at this game, I might have a feeling it might be a better and enjoyable version of Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal. I have to stay tuned.

Also, to all you people who think Sonic is dead now, he isn't. He has a twitter page that has been getting fairly popular and it is the thing that is keeping sonic's popularity up for the mean time until Sega creates a great Sonic game. The Sonic twitter is funny by posting a lot of jokes and memes from time to time. Even though I hate memes, the sonic twitter keeps me laughing out of my head. Don't try to hate the Sonic twitter, orelse he will mercilessy burn you.

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I had some fun with the Wii U version, but mostly just laughing at it and seeing where things go. I would rate it 4.5/10.

People have said the 3DS version was superior, but I would just rate it 5/10. Even the 3DS version has problems.

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