Sonic Boom TV Review

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)
Hey guys, I am Jack here and let's look at Sonic Boom the show.

[Jack]: (Shivers with fear) I have a bad feeling about this tho guys.... (Flashbacks of Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric gameplay) But let's look at it tho..... It can't be that bad can't it? (Laughs nervously)

Well, after watching some of the episodes, Sonic Boom is actually a pretty good show! The characters are well animated and the 3d aesthetics are absolutely eye-popping. And let's talk about the comedy. You see, most kids cartoons put in fast paced comedy to keep kids excited and active, which kind of ends up with the characters never shutting up. But in this Show, the comedy is not as fast as other shows and it allows the jokes and funny moments sink into your brain and take effect, which made me have good laughs.

But sometimes, the writing in the episodes can be pretty bad. Like this for example:

[Eggman]: I will be back Sonic! I will make a new robot! And he will feed me ham! Evil ham!

Also, the one character I hate is Sticks, who is a badger chick that wears slightly revealing clothing and the reason I hate her is just how high pitched her voice is and all the ridiculous s##t she is spouting from her mouth.

For the fight scenes, I felt that they were inexplicably underwhelming as they don't provide much action at all and there is not much to be said other than the fact that this was probably because this was opening in on a sitcom demographic than an action demographic.

Also, one little nitpick I am seeing is that how Sonic Boom feels like it is not really related to Sonic at all. What I mean is that the characters that are considered to be the characters in the sonic franchise like Knuckles, Amy, Tails, and Sonic just felt like their personalities were missing. I mean Sonic barely shows how cool he is, Tails is just..... there, Knuckles is not the knuckles from the main series since he is a stereotypical strong but dumb character that is way nicer than the main series knuckles, and Amy just isn't Amy.

But anyway, I give Sonic Boom a 7.8/10. The comedy is actually spot on for most of the time and the animations were some of the best I have seen.

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