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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, it is Jack here, and lets look at what happens when you put Sonic on the Snes or Gameboy.

1. Sonic Adventure 7

The first game here is Sonic Adventure 7.... So does that mean Sonic Adventure 3 has been released?! Also 4, 5, and 6!? This should be fun, let's see what this game has to offer if the adventure formula has been enhanced 4 more times!

For the game, the only colors here are red green and blue since this is a GB game. The sprites and graphics are not that bad actually. But somehow the graphics can sometimes glitch out and flash. Let's talk about the controls, they are extremely delayed. It takes like a second for you to move forward and the momentum physics are broken. In the Genesis games, your momentum builds up smoothly, but in this game, you go slow at first then medium fast next, it is just an abrupt shift in speed and it can really be disorienting.

Also, did you know that you can WALK THROUGH THE SPIKES?! What? You didn't know? Go to Sonic Adventure 7 University, you will be taught about how the glitchiness of the game is. A lot of the platforming here is atrocious since the camera is so squished in on you, so you have to make constant leaps of faith. Plus, the platforms can sometimes phase through you, so you will fall to your death.

I am guessing this was a game made in an alternate future when Nintendo was starting to lose, so they went backwards in handhelds and made gameboys, thus Sonic Team was like f##k it, let's MAKE SONIC ADVENTURE 7, EVERYONE WILL BUY IT!

2. Sonic the Hedgehog (SNES Version)

This was the second bootleg I played when I was a kid. When I asked my dad to get me a Sonic game, he was like:
[Dad]: Ummmm... (Looks up website) What about this?
[Jack]: But that doesn't look like a sonic game.
[Dad]: Well, you wanted one, so you can have it. It is only $2.99

This game was bought because my dad was a cheapskate and didn't want to spend $32.99 on Sonic Colors. When I first played this game, I was like..... What the f##k? This game plays almost nothing like a Sonic game, because you have to kick enemies instead of spinning into them. But.... Is that Mario? Oh no... It is happening! For the platforming, it can have really cheap deaths, like the time you have to jump off of a really wide gap, otherwise you fall to your death.

But I figured out that this is a hack of Speedy Gonzales the game. That might explain why the bosses in the game looked so F##KING FAMILIAR. Yeah, they forgot to change some of the words in the game like:

(Save all the Mice!)
[Jack]: Uh, isn't it save all the Marios?

3. Sonic Zone

This is a game that looks pretty good at first. But I figured out that Sonic can only take one hit from enemies like Bubsy. Literally, this is a platformer with not many sections to go fast in, since you are cringing in fear from dying in one hit. This is one of the hardest games I have ever played since the camera doesn't tell you where you are going to jump.

4. Sonic Jam 6

This is a game on the Snes and the boxart looks good. Oh boy, might as well see what it is!
(Super Mario Allstars 1 title with Sonic on the title appears)

Yes, this is an exact hack of Super Mario Allstars except the physics are bad. Also, Sonic likes to glitch out all of a sudden, cause he has got to go fast.

5. Sonic Robo Blast 2

I know I am cheating a bit here, but this is actually a fangame. This is probably the only good game on this list. This is a doom mod that has been modified to be a sonic game. In fact, this evolved out of a poorly made game called Sonic Robo Blast and had crude graphics with poorly programmed levels. It turned from junk to god's gift in just a sudden remake!

The only problems with this game is that sometimes the camera can get stuck in a corner and the final boss is extremely hard. The sound effect from the final boss's attack can be extreme ear rape as it is incredibly loud.

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