Sonic Fire and Ice


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Sonic Boom Fire and Ice 3DS has some novel ideas. Not only do you get to play as multiple characters, but they have multiple forms. This game makes abundant use of awesome, weather-related graphics effects like Motion Trail and half reminds me of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, and half reminds me of the platforming mode of Smash Bros. Complaints? Well this would actually make a better Wii U game, with more stuff added and more levels, I think. Basically this game almost restores Sonic's name and does pretty good for a handheld game, but still isn't a Sonic Generations quality game. My score: 8/10

BONUS REVIEW! I have been playing Splinter's Training Pack, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2-pack of games for the 3DS that runs $12 (I paid $5 though). This pack contains the 2 Nickelodeon produced games. Anyway, these games are a beat 'em up where you get to pick your turtle, with the others being controlled by AI, and beat up enemies. Or uh, beat up enemies and throw them in the dumpster. My score: 5.5/10