Sonic Lost World Review

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)
Hey guys, I am here to review a fairly underrated game called Sonic Lost World. Well, this is a controversial one since IGN and GAMESPOT were the ones who made sonic lost world get mixed reviews. They called it mediocre and slow when it really isn't. IGN, I have a suggestion to you, stop talking ill about Sonic games, you are just wasting your time and panning games with no good reason doesn't make you reviewers, it just makes you assholes. Sorry about that, but let's dive into this game shall we?

Sonic Lost World is another one of those games that are experimental and are trying to get new playstyles. Some people say it is the black sheep of the sonic franchise is trying to stray from the formula of Boost to win in the modern sonic games. The game is still pretty fast imo, even though boost is taken out. I think the reason why Sonic team took out the boost is because they want to go back to the old genesis era. But really, it is no surprise since a lot of the modern sonic games have been doing that.

The boost is actually the infinite spindash mechanic. I really liked the concept of infinite spindash and I hope they put it in the other games. All of these things are the good parts, but Sonic Lost World does have some flaws, let's look.

Sonic Lost World's 2D sections are usually the ones I hate to be honest. They are much slower paced because they mainly focus on platforming. Also, the parkour mechanic they added was pretty awesome in my opinion, but the parkour system gives sonic a tendency to run up walls when you don't want him to. The game suffers from some poor level design choices and the difficulty spike is pretty bad. In Worlds 1-6, it is pretty ok, but the final world is just so goddamn hard and it is difficulty cranked up to the max.

Another thing Sonic Lost World added back was the wisps, which were more of a hindrance than it used to be back in Sonic Colors. I am guessing this is to use the Wii U gamepad gyroscope mechanics, but wisps seem to be very pointless as they are not related to the plot and they are just boring to use.

I give the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World a review score of 8.2/10. It is a fun game, but it has some flaws in it that Sonic team can fix up.
All I'll say is that it wasn't my favorite Sonic game, but it wasn't my least favorite either... though it's much closer to the latter than the former.
I know, I also forgot to state that the controls take some time to get used to. Also, the Deadly Six are the worst villains ever. They are completely one-dimensional and cheesy in personalities: One is crazy and wants destruction, one is fat and dumb, one is an old man who is a Master Shifu wannabe, one is a snarky and bratty teen-minded girl, one is more emo than Shadow the Hedgehog, and one is just ruthless and wants to be more powerful.

If Sega makes them the main villains, fiiiine, I don't care. But if you just make their boss fights completely anticlimactic, that is a complete problem. And also, WHAT?! Eggman was the main villain all this time?! (Grabs a rope and unties the twists in the knots). Also, Eggman's boss fight is stupidly easy as you can take him out with just a measly 6 hits..... 6 HITS!!