Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Review

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, it is Jack here and let's review the game that brings sonic back to his 2d roots in the genesis days

Well, let's see here, this is a sequel to sonic 3 and Knuckles. So none of those events of Sonic adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 happened? Oh well, let's dive into the game.

The first thing you know is that the gameplay kicks ass! The graphics are good, the platforming is speedy and everything seems to be fine like the days of Sonic's olden days. However, let's look deeper, I just scratched the surface of the game.

The first thing you know is WHY SEGA?!?! (clears throat) what we meant by going back to your genesis roots, we just meant by the gameplay, BUT WE DID NOT MEAN REHASHING YOUR OWN OLD LEVELS BLANDLY. (Goes outside and bangs head against the wall) I mean seriously, the levels just feel uninspired and mostly people who play this game are most likely to say "Already seen that".

Also, the physics are quite a problem here as they are floaty and weird. One thing that really pissed me off was WHAT?! DID I JUST SLOW DOWN WHILE ROLLING DOWN A SLOPE?!?! Going down slopes slow you down just like going up slopes? (Jack quits and throws his Xbox controller on the floor)

For the music...... Eh, I did not really like the weird chiptune style for the game. I guess it is great in some levels (keyword: Some) but some of the time it comes off as kinda odd and unfitting for the game that is supposed to go back to it's genesis days.

For the graphics, they don't come off as the best, but they are defintely very far from being the worst. I just felt the graphics felt a little.......... too garish? The textures make everything have unnatural and saturated colors and everything looks a bit too shiny. Like the grass in Splash Hill zone, is grass supposed to be shiny like that? It is just one of those things that make me feel weird. However, the least I can say is that they look pretty nice.

Overall, I give this game 6.5/10. It is quite a fun game to play with all the fast mechanics. It tried so hard to revive the genesis era and it tried so hard to be correct, but it tripped.... a little too clumsily? Overall, if you are planning to buy this game, go get your money and go for it! :)

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I love the sonic games. Back in the day I was a die hard Genesis fan. I had the SNES, NES and Sega MS. Loved em all! Sonic and Knuckles was probably my favorite Sonic game.
Many of the original Sonic Team members, including Yuji Naka, left Sega a long time ago, so expecting the same kind of creativity that we saw in the 90s in level design, etc, would be setting yourself up for disappointment. Besides, 2D platformers have come a long way since Sonic 3--just look at the New Super Mario Bros series. Imitating the gameplay of the old Sonic games instead of developing a new 2D engine was a mistake.

Sonic 4 is a neat little downloadable, but it will be forgotten quickly.
Also, just a heads up, the Wii only has episode 1 available from what I understand so if that's the case Xbox and PlayStation would be more ideal to play it on.