Sonic Unleashed Review

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, It's Jack here and I would like to talk about a rather critically controversial game similarly to Sonic Lost World. Sonic Unleashed.

There are two versions of this game that I will be covering, the xbox360/ps3 version and the wii/ps2 version. I will start off with the Xbox360 version.

The first thing you see in this game is the rather beautifully rendered CGI cutscene where Sonic literally rapes Eggman with his super form. (I am sorry if i offended you when I said rape. I said that once in another review and a feminist went all apes##t over that word, but please don't get mad over this word as I am using it in a term where someone annihilates somebody else) However, that is one of the only cgi parts of the game, but the ingame cutscenes still shine like stars.

The graphics of the game are really beautiful and it feels like no lazy work was done on it. The human models in this game are also lovably cartoonish and it feels like this game can be put into a pixar film. But let's move on to the actual gameplay itself.

The gameplay is split from daytime stages and nighttime stages. For the Daytime stages, damn they are fun. Imagine how much speed you can gain from all the boosting. You can even go faster when boosting on dash panels to see what is your highest speed. It really is fun to try and beat your fastest speed like beating the highscore of your video game. The boosting can be really fun to utilize as you just blast off through the stages like a rocket.

Now let's move onto what people call The Worst Part of the Game, the Nighttime stages. During these stages, Sonic has been slowed down since he became a werewolf
[Jack]: (Gets slapped) Alright fine, a werehog. Jesus, you didn't have to slap me.

For the Werehog I find it completely unnecessary to the gameplay as it just doesn't really add up to the fast faced daytime stages. And come on, a werehog?

I am guessing this was what was going on at Sega Headquarters.
[Female Employee]: (Watches Twilight) No! Jacob! You can still get her! YOU CAN STILL GET HER! Don't turn back! (Spits out blood in sadness) JACOB! NOOOO!!!!! BELLA YOU STUPID BITCH!

[Director]: Hey, what the hell is with all the screaming?

[Female Employee]: She is choosing Edward over Jacob (Sobs while crying blood)

[Director]: uh, is Jacob that werewolf guy?

[Female Employee]: Yes

[Director]: Hmm, I do like furry animals. Maybe what if Sonic was a werewolf?

[Female Employee]: Yeah, that's a great idea! But also make him more muscular and sexy like Jacob.

[Director]: 눈_눈 What?

[Female Employee]: Don't look at me like that! I will be Sonic's Bella! I am even imagining my very own body pillow of Werewolf Sonic!

[Director]: Alright stop! That is getting creepy!
Well, that aside, how is the gameplay for the Werehog? Well, like I said back in my top 10 mario games, I said unnecessary does not equal boring. That is right, you can hate me all you want, but the Werehog sections are not bad actually. The combat mechanics can be really satisfying and fun to use as you can perform different combos. To many people, this is like god of war, except it focuses more on platforming. To break it down, there are some flaws that keep me from appreciating the Werehog stages. In the xbox360 version, the stages take forever to complete and the enemy variety is not so interesting, making it kinda tedious.

At the fairest, I give Sonic Unleashed a 7.3/10. It was going on the right path, but the Werehog stumped on Sonic's platform of gaming.

Now let's talk about Sonic Unleashed for the Wii.

In short, it is nothing special, it is just a version that uses the same elements from the xbox360 version, but with a lot of changes. The game doesn't get to go as fast as you did back in Sonic Unleashed 360. Also, the hub worlds are mostly just map selection instead of an adventure field. This seems devolved, but there is a downside and an upside to the werehog stages. The Werehog stages have been shortened to an appreciative length, but the combos were removed in this version.

By what I see here, I recommend the Wii version with an 7.9/10.

But wait a minute.... When Sonic Boosts, he smashes into other people's property and doesn't pay for the damage. Hmmm.

Idea for a new game:
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I've read that the developer wasn't able to produce enough track for Sonic to move across at high speeds. And that is why there were those Werehog levels. Which to me, were pointless fluff.