Sony big announcement on February 20th.


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Feb 8, 2013
So in a few days Sony will be announcing 'something big' and my money is on that it's the PS4. What do you guys think? Has anyone heard of it or is this the first time you're hearing of it? I really hope it's the PS4 and that the price isn't gonna cost an arm and a leg. ($399 or lower is fine with me) I also hope the rumors are all debunked....
If it's the PS4, let's hope it's not another power-hungry console the size of a refrigerator.
I don't think they'll make it as big as the PS3 was when it first released. If they do you can bet a slim, stripped down model will follow a year or so later. I think for sony to succeed this upcoming gen they need to have the PS4 slim, out of the box, and not block used games like rumors claim. I also think they need to market the console better then what they've done for the Vita.
Well Xbox will do the same regarding blocking used games.
If the PS didn't block the used games it would be a great advantage for them.
Too bad that they didn't show the actual PS there..
I hope that this share thingy doesn't mess up the community and makes it look like a facebook wall..
I'm excited to see what it'll be like. I'm sure Sony will reveal more at this year's E3 conference. :) I just hope i'll be able to play all of my old games again eventually.....really don't wanna buy a system just to keep my older ones hooked up too, not enough inputs in my tv. :(
In the PS4 trailer on Playstation's Youtube channel they keep showing the touchscreen controller and then a black, rectangular thing that looks like an elongated brick. Is that rectangular brick next to the controller supposed to be the console?
Because if it is, I don't see anywhere for game discs to go. The price in Japan is the equivalent in yen of $428.
I like the list of launch games so far, especially Destiny.

Are any of you guys going to buy the PS4 at launch? I'm going to wait it out ,because I don't like waiting in line at midnight to pay top dollar for a new, untested console. New consoles sometimes have bugs and glitches. My first Xbox 360 had to be sent back because it got the Red Ring of Death a month after I got it.

I usually wait for the first price drop to get a new console, so I probably won't be getting a PS4 for a while.
ACSAPA: no the brick thing is for motion controls. Think of the WIi/U's sensor bar. That is basically the same thing. It's so that you can get better motion control regardless of where you're sitting in the room. :) I believe that's what they said anyway during the event. :) Someone correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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