Soul Calibur Port


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Dec 15, 2013
I recently played the Android version of the port and it's really bad. It freezes and the controls suck!
You can't grapple properly because you can't hit two buttons at the same time!
I would think there would be an inate problem with playing any game on a cell phone, other then a very basic title. Cell phones continue to get more complicated as the years go by, so I might be wrong. I can see the appeal on a long vacation, but I would never attempt such a think at home B)
It's just upsetting because it's not exactly a cheap game on the phone and it sucks so bad and they don't seem to be giving returns very easily. I'm lucky I didn't buy it I tried it on a friends phone after he mentioned that he had it and that it sucked.
Glad you avoided the hit in the pocket book. I can see why it ended up disappointing. Having a cell phone based game; if it was able to compare to the console versions, would be cool. It might even put the hand held systems out of the market; or at least, in competition.
That's why I firmly believe it will be an extremely long time before mobile gaming makes a large encroach on console and hand held gaming. You just can't compare to actual button presses with that touch screen crap.