Space Invaders


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Mar 2, 2016
Wii U
One of the reasons I bought the wii u is because I understood that you could download old games. I see Space Invaders listed as a game you can buy and download but can't find it anywhere to buy. Looked at all the Nintendo sites. Can anyone help me?
Space Invaders is a Virtual Console game for the original Wii (not Wii U). From your Wii U main menu, enter the Wii mode, then purchase the game through the Wii Shop Channel.
Oho, one of those Wii classics. I still went on there and bought Pokemon ranch the other day, so I can get a mew oldschool style :U and of course super smash bros for lulz. There was a decent amount of VCGs to buy on the Wii, I may have to go back through there and see if I'm lacking anything that I can't live without.
Thank you crunchyg! I found the Wii mode and all the games I only dreamed of being able to play again!! Can hardly wait to have a day off so I get them downloaded. Just didn't know to go into the Wii mode. I am happy! Thanks!

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