Spiderman Animated for Snes

Feb 14, 2018
Nintendo 64
Hello! I am new to this forum and I love super nintendo as a child. I grew up with her and today I want to talk about a shit game called an animated spiderman inspired by the Spider-Man series. When I played it for the first time the graphics looked horrible and bad gameplay and poor scenarios and finally the enemies look like a dummy and then defeat them. Do you really think that this spiderman game is garbage and crap? the one from the animated series for snes?

It's always amused me how people are more willing to talk about games they hate than games they like. :ROFLMAO:
@GamePayne Does anyone still watch those? I got sick of hearing him complaining about games after about 4 videos! xD
I never even knew a game based on the animated Spider-Man show existed. I love that show.
@Heigw I still do. He showed games that I never even knew were out. I did buy his first 100 episodes of AVGN X on blu-ray.
He also made a movie called the Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie with special guest Howard Scott Warshaw.

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