Splatoon 2 - General Questions Thread


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Nov 19, 2016
Just got Splatoon 2 this week basically for free (work appreciation gift registry thing). Wasn't playing on getting it, didn't seem like a game I would like. After planning a little bit I am really enjoying myself. But I do have a question...

Is there a way to make it NOT do that chat thing between the two show hosts when I first boot up? I'm sure it's not that long, but it feels like forever.
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Another question. Do you have to be a specific level to partake in a splatfest?
To the first question, I don't think so. I also got this game by suprise, thought it would be too fast-paced and I wouldn't enjoy it but am now addicted! I wish you could skip the intro. The only way I know is to disconnect from the internet, open splatoon, then turn it back on once your already in the lobby place.

To the second question, I think you can be any rank. If there was a rank requirement it would most likely be level 10 in turf war. So pretty much if you have unlocked ranked battles you could participate in splatfest. This is just a quess though, so don't take my word for it!
@Heigw Thanks for your response! Yeah, it's surprisingly addictive.
I'm level 5 now, so I'll just try to make it to at least 10 by Friday. Shouldn't be too hard.
But I think you're right, it must be any level because it let me vote. You'd think if there was a level cap it would've been then.

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