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Nov 16, 2014
When I was watching my show through Hulu, I was often seeing commercials for Nintendo's new Wii U game, Splatoon. To me, it's almost related to the game, "Capture the Flag" but with paint. The game is currently on pre-order and will come out May 29th.

One thing I find amazing about this game is the colors. It's truly eye-catching and would have me play in a heartbeat if someone had it. But is this game worth buying? Thoughts?
I saw the Nintendo direct on this about week ago I think it was, the game does look good. Reminds me of a kid version of CoD somewhat.

I hope it turns out great, I need more online games for Wii U.
I've already asked Santa. i could see this being our next Hyrule Warriors as far as time played. its just different i guess. can't wait
@Demon_skeith I never thought about it, but it does resemble CoD quite a bit. In all honesty, I think it might be a bit too childish for gamers our age. I mean, it might be a bit cool, but then it'll be a bit slow. And who knows, the gamers that you team up with online would be years younger because it's made for them rather than the usual CoD for mature audiences.

@dustinb12 YAS! Actually, I could have seen this as a mini game for SSB4. I have no idea why, but I think that it would have been pretty hilarious to hit each other with paint. And if not a mini game, then maybe an item. And who knows? Maybe in a SSB4 pdate or in the future and hopeful SSB5 they would include a Splatoon character in there!
Please, anyone younger playing this game would still be older than some of the youngest people playing the CoD series.

But Nintendo does come out with fun games like these from time to time, I think splatoon has promise.
@Demon_skeith I would agree with you, but the reason a lot of gamers play games that are obviously made for a younger audience is because of nostalgia. I mean, I would not be playing Pokemon Snap at my age now if I did not play when I was younger. I play now because I played it then. Who knows? Perhaps you are right. Because it highly resembles CoD, gamers would play Splatoon. I truly do hope that it has promise-- Nintendo needs it.
so i got this for an early Father's Day gift, and its really fun. Something my child enjoys as well. What are some tricks for a newbie like myself to enjoy?
I really thought the game had promise. I like Turf Wars and love the Ranked Battles. However, connecting and maintaining a stable connection has not been possible for the past two days. Does anyone know why?
^yes there is a Splatfest going on, 24 hour tournament of nonstop, ridiculous, hey-its-my-turn fun! every once in a while it drops, guessing because of all the traffic. i will assume you've checked your connection, etc?

when did you get the game?
I've had the game for about a month now and agree the traffic is high. I've actually had to reestablish my connection because my Wii U lost it somehow. I imagine it will clear up when Xenoblade is released, but I haven't even had a chance at Tower Control.
wow, thats sounds like something is wrong. the worst trouble i had was it dropping one time, then starting right back up. every once in a while is says can't find connection, but after a retry I'm in. hope you figure it out, this has to be discouraging
Ya, it's too bad. I haven't had a chance to speak to Nintendo Support for it. I joined this forum to see if anyone else was having as much issues as I was. I have no problems with my girlfriend's Xbox One playing Destiny--which is completely online at all times--and the same with MK8: no issues. I would love to try a Turf War with friends, but I have very few people I know with a Wii U.
Hey dustinb12, I want to thank you for your persistence in helping me solve this problem. After several speed tests, and a balancing of options, I believe I have a lemon overseeing my wireless network. It provides a very sour connection to the amount of technology running through it's juicy wires. I say this to all gamers that may be as ignorant in this regard, as I have been: PAY for a router, don't just BUY one.
Upon further reflection, the same router is able to support a game like Destiny for the Xbox One that houses several hundred people at a time simultaneously (as previously mentioned). Plus there is the MK8 and SSB facts of reliability. If there are doubts to my situation, perhaps this forum is where I can find answers:
Alright! According to this person http://techforums.nintendo.com/message/165172#165172 there is a very simple solution that involves Parental Control settings. I really wish I was at my console to test this out, but once I do, we'll be an update to this situation (which is being reported rampantly at techforums.nintendo.com). Enthusiastic and encouraging statements don't make technical solutions. Toll free support numbers don't help specific solutions. Let the people help each other, because helping the consumer is just not profitable for any company.

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