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Jun 22, 2015
I play Smash on the 3DS, and I'm pretty good. The problem is that I can't play online, so it's really tough for me to fight anyone besides friends (unless they're not a challenge yet). I'm also usually afraid of failing when I try fancy techniques. So, please give me some strategy and tips for fighters in Smash 4. ANY CHARACTER is acceptable.
Sheik is an easy top play, top-tier character. Though she has a lack of good kill moves, she can rack up damage extremely easily. Good ways to rack up damage include using needles (Neutral B) and forward-air (I'll call it F-air for simplicity). Whenever your opponent isn't applying pressure, you should be charging up needles. Needles allow you to tack on some quick damage with little to no risk. A full charged needle shot can do anywhere from around 7% - 11% damage, depending on how close you are to your opponent.
F-throw combos perfectly into F-air at low percents. After you do F-throw, jump and F-air your opponent. Land quickly (fastfall) by pressing down at the peak of your jump. Then F-air over and over. If you're good enough, you can end the combo offstage with a bouncing fish (Down-B).

An example combo can be found here:
Good luck!
THX fir the tip! Sheik was actually a fighter I played some time ago, but the only thing I did for KO's was up-throw into up-air constantly. This'll come in handy!

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