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Jun 9, 2014
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Hello, Nintendo fans.
This thread is about Star Fox 64 3D.
You can share high scores, reference the quotes (yes, even "Do a barrel roll!"), put up pics, or compare the remake to the original.
I want to know how it compares to the GameCube game (made by Namco, I think).
That would be Assault.
By "original", I meant Star Fox 64, but whatever.
Both have about the same style of graphics, as well as data.
Assault's music was stream-recorded orchestra while this game uses synthesized music, like 64.

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I remember play it on download play with a friend of mine and LITERALLY destroying him at it. It was so much fun because he beats me at alot of the other games we play so I was glad to find a game I could kick his butt at.
I didn't even know they made a remake of Star Fox 64! My brother had bought it on the Nintendo 64 when we were younger, but I never really played it. I remember countless hours waiting for him to let me play Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 though, so I spent more time watching it than playing it. If I have any money left, I might check it out!
I was the king back in middle school of Star Fox 64, and I'm still the king! My friends still can't compete. This release for the 3DS was just what the series needed to get the younger audience playing this game again and interested in the series.
I played the Nintendo 64 a bit with friends before, but I haven't played the 3Ds version yet. I might actually get it if I have enough spare money after all the Pokemon and Zelda releases :p.
Wow I am looking forward to this game a lot. There was speculation if star fox was coming to 3ds so I am happy to hear that it was true. I will definitely be buying this game!
My best accomplishment in the game so far, although I've beaten every individual planet score in Score Attack

EDIT: Updated in 2016
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Wow, it's been out for so long and I'm just finding out. This is definitely one of those games that make me crave a 3DS!
Will definitely be buying it when I have my 3DS, I never owned this game on N64 but I would borrow it from friends often because I loved it so much!
I kind of forgotten about this game really, I should keep it in mind to try and get this. I really enjoyed it back on the N64.
I need to pick it up soon also. The next time it goes on sale I will get it.

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