Star Wars prequels roast


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Mar 25, 2016
The Phantom Menace - It has been awhile since I watched this one, so you'll have to excuse me if I get anything wrong. So in this movie, there is a lot of political talk, a villain with no backstory, and Anakin is Jesus, born through a miraculous virgin birth. Anakin falls in love at first sight with a woman. And Jar Jar Binks is an uncool Yoda which steals the show, though not in a good way.

Attack of the Clones - Taking place 40 million years after The Star Wars Menace, Attack of the Clones tells the story of a creepy Jesus clone still in love with Padme. All through the movie, Obi-Wan acts like his mother. Speaking of mothers, Anakin gets mad and slaughters a bunch of Tusken Raiders. When you're ready to ditch this loser, Padme falls in love with him and marries him. Maybe she's the one you have to worry about?


Revenge of the Sith - The movies become dark and edgy just to be dark and edgy. Anakin turns to the Dark side because he's a dork who believes some creepy guy, and he and Obi-Wan think they are Tarzan, swinging from ropes in the final scenes.
Obi-Wan turns Anakin to mincemeat, telling him he's like a son to him, and Anakin falls in lava, but somehow survives.


I did like the prequels at one point, but hey, everyone does something rebellious when they are a teenager.
well, yeah. know what always got me about the prequels? Its just no way convincing enough that the most powerful Jedi would turn like that. Maybe he should've turned earlier in the story? Like right before/after he killed all the Tuskens?
Oh you're a merciless child killer! I want your babies!

And Im not sure i want to roast ol' Jar Jar. He was by far one of the most important characters in Lego Star Wars.
No such thing. You must be mistaken.

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