Star Wars - Rogue Squadron


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Dec 15, 2013
I freaking love the game Rogue Squadron games for Gamecube. They are so freaking awesome!

I forgot how bad the Game Cube graphics were compared to now. Still a pretty cool game. I remember playing it a few times at my friends house.
I never owned this game but I did play it over at a buddy's house. It was pretty cool and I thought the graphics were pretty amazing for the time. At times, it reminded me of Star Fox 64's non-rail sections. Generally, most Star Wars fans were happy with this game as it was an accurate rendition of the franchise in video game form.
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was AWESOME! It's funny that you mention graphics @LegendofImelda , since the original Rogue Squadron was one of the first games on the N64 to use the expansion pack for higher graphic quality. The sequel (that was exclusive to the GC) was touted as having improved graphics and a new tactics menu!

All I remember is that it was a lot of fun to play, and a solid Star Wars game, although we have been lucky in that regard. I can count a LOT of awesome Star Wars games over the years between the PC, Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron was good, but also overrated. EGM gave it a 10. I give it an 8.8/10

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