Star Wars The Force Awakens review


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Mar 25, 2016
The movie starts out introducing three characters - a pilot with the rebel alliance, Poe, a Stormtrooper with feelings, nicknamed Finn, and a mysterious girl called Rey. The theme of the movie is a bit dark and bloody - arguably the most violent Star Wars yet. Revenge of the Sith comes close in violence, but I miss the days of a more lighthearted Star Wars, where the most violent part is just a cremation.

Nonetheless, I feel that the movie is a cut above the Star Wars prequels. Harrison Ford just seemed to deliver his best Star Wars acting performance ever, and the new actors are better actors than Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman were.

I'm digging the new villain, Kylo Ren. In one scene in the movie, he taps into his own injuries to feel pain and increase his fighting, by pounding his wounds. Small details like that go a long way. Adam Driver did an exceptional acting performance at portraying a crazy and troubled young Sith apprentice.

Overall, this movie is epic. Not completely perfect, but epic. If it were up to me, I would have written a certain character death a bit differently, but water under the bridge to a great movie.

My score: 9.8/10
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Good review, might as well watch in on Putlocker. I can't go to theatres because my parents are cheapskates and they don't like to pay.

"Dad, you own a Mercedes and get a $1000 monthly salary, why is paying so difficult for you?"
yep great review! i loved it also. i sure hope they don't do to Ren what they did to Maul. You know, get us digging him just to cut him in half. I really liked that Capt Phasma too.

what i really enjoyed was a return to that emotional feel like Empire Strikes Back. The prequels were sorely lacking in feeling/believability, although i did enjoy them.

I'm making it a point, again, not to click on anything so i'll be surprised when the next movies come out.

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