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ดาวน์โหลดง่าย สมัครง่าย
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Can we get a font of the Gerudo typography thing from Ocarina so I can reply? @crunchyg ?
@dustinb12 Well its less of a language, more of a font. I'm sure you remember it from Ocarina, it was pretty much the most memorable texture, apart from the texture on the rock that was the same as the one on the fountain in Super Mario 64. It's in the Gerudo training camp and looks like this,

When looking for this picture I actually found a font! You or @crunchyg should definitely add this! I don't know how, but it probably says on the website.
@Heigw Sweet! I seem to remember wanting a tattoo with the lettering, but they were charging by the letter and it was ridiculous. Cant remember which game it was from. Had to be something i saw in Wind Waker.
Oh, so your... I mean this respectively as well... a bit past Donkey Kong but not quite Cranky Kong. More of a Funky Kong! Probably for the better you didn't get the tattoo. They likely would have messed it up! If you dont make some letters just right they can be mistaken for other letters!

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