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Nov 16, 2014
My entire family forgot that we have a Wii to play games with because we almost always use the console to watch Netflix. The only time we play games is when we play BRAWL, but that's it. There has never been a reason for us to play other games on it at all. Nor do we even think about buying games for the Wii now (especially since it's all on sale with the Wii U out and about)!

So be honest, do you still play games on your Wii, or do you use it as a way to do other things such as Netflix, Hulu and more?
Yep, it's still the primary way of playing GameCube games for me.
That's right! I keep forgetting that people often use it for GameCube related games, too. But still, it's hardly used for Wii-related things anymore. No one really plays the Wii because it is the Wii. They often play the Wii to either be able to use other console games or for media-related purposes.
I still like keeping the Wii around for Gamecube games and there are a couple of games that I'll go back to like Zelda and Animal Crossing since we don't yet have WiiU versions out yet. I know those could be played on WiiU but I don't know, I've just gotten used to playing them on Wii so I'll forget some times. As far as other media related stuff, I never found the Wii that great for it. Netflix would work some times but it was a lot easier to get on with another device and with no blu-ray player PS3 was always the better go to for movies.
Ahhhh yea i love the wii i have over 21 games and love every one i did just get a wiiu. One of the best things about the wii is the wiimote. I realy do not/did not like introduction of the analog stick when i frist got my PS and i have a bad habit no matter which console i am on of just pressing the thing so i like how they are seperate in games. Ijustlike how they are seperate. I saw a commerical of Zumba where you use both with a pack and it looks great. I always thought they should be seprate with seperate hands doing seperate things. When i play console like PS3 or XBox1 ( i do not own any of these) i just press that analog stick for no reason and the controller is heavy. I love it plus no console can replace the Mario universe or Nintendo character like Animal crossing , link, or Kirby. Characters with stores i would love to see a console try do that.. oh wait:)
Yes I still play games on the Wii. I mostly use it only for Gamecube games because I have the Wii U. I sold most of my Wii games I have left anyway. Only have Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Bros Wii now.
I love my Wii and still play on it regularly. Many folks had written off the Wii about 2 years after it's release because they thought there weren't many good games on it. Those people were wrong, I amassed a large collection of excellent action games that I still play today. Sin & Punishment 2, MadWorld, Tenchu 4, House of the Dead: Overkill, Muramasa: The Demon Blade are just a few of the awesome non-Nintendo titles that complement my Wii library.
When I first got my Wii, I used to use it all the time. I would have friends over and we would all play the sports games on it. It was pretty intense when we would play the tennis games that the Wii came out. It was always a good time though, but now I don't use mine. Sometimes I will play on it, and play Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but that's about it. I don't really think that the Wii came out with games that were good. I mean sure they have fun sports games, but that it about it. I never got into the Mario games, which is why I'm sure I still don't use it. I also don't use it for Netflix because I'll either use my Xbox or Roku stick that I have. I think that my mom sometimes would use the Wii for Netflix, but that was a long time ago.
Yes, but only for GC games. My Wii games I just play on the Wii U.
Yes, mostly when I have friends over. No other console has a library like the Wii in terms of multiplayer games. I do not have a Wii U.
Yes, I still use my wii a lot. Actually I can't buy a Wii U. One of my favorite games is Just Dance, Right now Just Dance 2016 Is coming; I play it a lot, It's about dancing, and that's really easy; most of my friends love to dance, so they all come to my house and have a lot of fun. Also you can play games like The Legend Of Zelda, I promise you will have hours and hours of fun.
I live in Nicaragua, in this country is very expensive to buy a consol like Wii U, so I have a Wii. (And If you think about it, I'm a student so, my parents will not buy a Wii U)
My Wii has about 2 inches of dust on it. :\ that's somewhat how it's been on-and-off since I got it. I played a lot of great games, but my Xbox 360 became my most used console. To be honest, posting on this board has actually made me want to dig up the Wii and play it again. I know I have a bunch of games on the Virtual Console, I wonder if they'll still work.

I also wasn't aware you could use Netflix on the Wii, might be something I'll do from now on once I find where I put my Wii!
The comments in this thread break my heart! :p

I still play my Wii though I have to admit a lot less often then I used too. I'm a huge fan of Mario Galaxy and BRAWL, I just can't seem to drop my controller. If i'm not playing Wii games I am usually loading up old GameCube games onto the Wii.

Playing a good old game of Mario Kart Double Dash with friends still holds the same excitement.
The Nintendo Wii always has a place in my heart, so I continue using the gaming system. It has a ton of fun games, and it is a lot of fun for the family! I just love playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl! I also love playing Wii Sports, especially the boxing minigame. Even though I do believe that the Wii U is a million times better than its predecessor, I still occasionally drop in and play a few games on the Wii.
I finally found my Wii and I've been enjoying it... But all I've been doing is playing the Legend of Zelda, haha. :) I still have to find the classic controller I had because I have a ton of games downloaded on the virtual console.

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