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Mar 25, 2016
So I was a member of a forum once, and to clear things up it wasn't the Nintendo forum I came from (TheWiiU), it was one long before when my disability wasn't as bad. Now to continue the story...

It was kind of a hidden forum of the internet where several members had amassed 6000-12000 posts over years time. So in other words, they posted frequently. The owner of the forum was very behind the scenes and the only thing he ever said to me in years of posting was "You can make a lot of posts in a short period of time" but he meant it in a good way. This man had good morals, he just wasn't posting publicly too much.

I made a few friends on there and was widely respected by half of all members. At the same time, my friends on there realized I was slipping due to my disability, they didn't avoid me over it, they just pointed out "I think he has..." even when I denied it.

So I learned a lesson though. I took my friends on there for granted and would sometimes leave the forum a week or two without talking to them or telling them and expected them to be there. But we didn't exchange contact info well and after a few years, the forum abruptly shut down. A new owner, a member from that forum who a lot of people didn't like, kind of made a forum for the people to flock to, but failed to alert everyone of the new forum and had little interest in keeping the old members and now, the only 3 members of this new forum are him and a couple of friends who were never really on the previous forum.

Now I have hidden one piece of advice in this post, when I mentioned you should be careful about taking friends for granted, but I would also like to post another. Life became twice as hard after my disability kicked in. If you ask me, half of it was because I had the ability to act like a jerk at times, the other half is that we live in a world which not only is impatient of these things at times, but is growing increasingly impatient in general.

I just thought I'd tell this story because out of my 27 years on this Earth, I could have spent 3-4 months if added up over the years on there, of my life talking on there. Yeah, I faced a lot of boredom.
This sounds familiar...

Was this forum or
This sounds familiar...

Was this forum or

Ah, well. You sound suspiciously like half the guys that used to post there.

Don't worry about it. The forum I'm talking about is so unknown, I would eat my hat if you were able to guess it. It's amazing they got traffic, but pretty much everyone who entered ended up making thousands of posts over years time.

I'm not really sure I want to tell the name of it or not though. The reason why is because if I did, it might give traffic to the new owner who I can't really stand. He might have 3 other people on his forum instead of 2.
it still sounds like the same story tbh. Both forums were an offshoot of the old Mac Addict forums, but once the magazine got new owners it all went to shit. and were both created, with CH54 being a haven for those sick of the uptight mod on mattstack. The community on ch54 was a bit... harsh, leading to one member leaving and threateniogn legal action for some reason - causing ch54 to close and be reincarnated as
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Interesting story and coincidences.

Well, if you want, just say that I'm Bren (which I'm not), and you post on that forum and have negative 47 feedback.

We can argue about it if you want, but I'm actually trying to move on from our skirmish long ago in the headphone thread.
Alright. I only said Bren because I only remember him and Shnicks potentially fitting the profile, and Shnicks is not in Illinoise last I checked. I honestly don't remember anyone else that hasn't posted there in a while.

That and Beddy, but he's... Not around.
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